MMJS: About 1.07 pensioners to an employee at end of October 2016

The overall number of pensioners was, at the end of October, of 5,081,700 people, while the overall number of employees totaled 4,749,100 people, thus there are around 1.07 pensioners to one employee, according to statistics published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice (MMJS) .

Out of the overall number of pensioners, around 92 percent were pensioners receiving state social security benefits (4,675,100 people), the rest of 8 percent being pensioners receiving agricultural social pension benefits (406.600 people).

At the end of October, the pensioners who retired for reaching the legal age for retirement account for the largest share of pensioners with state social security benefits, corresponding to a number of 3,462,300 people. Out the overall number, women represented over 55 percent.

The monthly average pension for this category of pensioners was, at the end of October, of 931 lei.

As regards pensioners from the former social security system for farmers, numbering 406,600 people at the end of October 2016, 91 percent received pensions for legal age retirement, 8.31 percent received survivor’s benefits and the rest disability pensions.

The average pension was of 382 lei, and pensioners retiring for reaching the legal age had an average pension of 402 lei.


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