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March 6, 2021

Clotilde Armand admits a possible break of USR: Either we break, or we find a proposal to be accepted by everyone

Clotilde Armand, the Vice President of the Save Romania Union (USR), states that the party could break because of the ideological conflicts from inside. In an interview for ziare.com, Clotilde Armand also analyzes the episode of the exclusion of her husband from USR.

“Besides extreme right, we have the whole spectrum, and it’s difficult to find a valuable proposal which everyone agrees. That’s the reason for the battles that are slightly seen outside. We have to find a way. Either we’ll break in right-USR, left-USR, as Nicusor Dan announced, or we’ll have to find a convincing proposal which everyone agrees, and that’s a very difficult thing, since we don’t have a powerful democratic culture. People don’t really accept others’ ideas. It’s hard to put all your energy in fighting for ideas that are not yours and to adapt” stated Clotilde Armand, the USR Vice President.

She also stated that there are no unanimous opinions in USR on economic subjects, such as progressive taxation vs. flat tax, and the party is dominated by progressive people on social matters. Clotilde Armand reached to be isolated inside the party because she represents a minority conservative wing.

“I was isolated in the campaign, because USR was managed not only by people in Bucharest. USR is a little bit less progressive in the territory than it is in Bucharest. I am against progressive ideas in the National bureau. I am extremely respectful to the nation I am a part of. I will never say that I know things better than people. That’s why we made Revolution in France. I am ready to play the democracy game. If people want different things than I do, I respect people’s option. Therefore, I was ready to accept ideas that are against progressive ideas” Clotilde Armand also stated.

Sergiu Moroianu, Clotilde Armand’s husband, was excluded from USR in December, 2015, after he criticized the party on Facebook. Clotilde Armand stated that her husband never received something written, a signed document that he is excluded. “I didn’t agree this decision, I wasn’t there, I was at Cluj. It was an immature decision. But I am part of the USR family, and families are fighting sometimes. I believe we should make peace, Sergiu should rejoin the party”, USR Vice President also said.



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