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November 28, 2022

PM Grindeanu: Budget law will end up in Parliament on January 25

Premier Sorin Grindeanu asked the Finance Minister, during the Government’s meeting on Thursday, to start meeting the representatives of the other ministries in order for the budget to be sent to Parliament by January 25.

In this sense, he asked Public Finance Minister Viorel Stefan to begin discussions with each ministry starting Friday.

“Please, (…) start having discussions on the budget law with each ministry starting tomorrow, schedule them, so that everything that it entails, and the programmes of each ministry and our governance platform, is included in the budget law and we can remain within what we proposed, so that somewhere around January 23-25 we would send the law to Parliament. This means that starting tomorrow you shall begin discussions with each ministry,” Grindeanu said at the start of the Government meeting.

According to the Prime Minister, the agenda of the Government meeting on Thursday included, in a first reading, a draft emergency ordinance with impact measures on the budget law.

“On the agenda, we have, in first reading, a draft emergency ordinance providing measures with an impact on what the budget law will mean. Such draft emergency ordinances will also be on next week’s agenda, so that all the programmes that are included in the governance platform will be reflected in (…) the budget law,” Grindeanu also said.

In his turn, Public Finance Minister Viorel Stefan said that the talks on the budget law with the budget administrators will start Friday at 9:00.

“In respect to the discussions with the budget administrators, tonight we’ll inform all colleagues about the schedule of the talks, starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. We shall continue on Saturday and Sunday, until we end all talks with each administrator, so that on Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening we would have a very clear picture about the expenditure caps,” Viorel Stefan also said, against the backdrop in which President Klaus Iohannis recently warned that it would be difficult for the Government to observe a budget deficit of 3 percent of GDP this year.

On Wednesday, after his meeting with Premier Sorin Grindeanu, Iohannis stated that “it won’t be easy at all” for the Government to come up with a sustainable budget featuring a deficit lower than 3 percent of GDP and observing all commitments, bearing in mind the measures already adopted.

The President warned that having solutions for the deficit to remain within the established limits is the Government’s problem.


 “It is important that ANAF function well, so collection level be high”


It is extremely important that the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) function well, so that the collection level be a high one, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said Thursday.

“I believe it is extremely important that the ANAF function well, so that the collection level be a high one. I had read in the morning (…) that the online payments were blocked, they were fixed in the meanwhile,” the PM told Public Finance Minister Viorel Stefan in the beginning of the Government meeting.

In turn, Finance Minister Stefan announced that a new version of the online payment system is undergoing tests.

“In respect to the online payment system, there has been an attempt to upgrade the system. The new version functioned in the test stage. There was an operation blockage, an intervention was made. Half an hour, an hour ago (…) the payments were resumed on the old programme version,” Viorel Stefan said.

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