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May 17, 2022

Ambassador Thomas Baekelandt: Social infrastructure in Romania has poor performances compared to Belgium one

Ambassador of Belgium to Romania Thomas Baekelandt (photo L) stated on Friday, on the occasion of a visit paid to the “Omenia” Mutual Aid House Association (CARP) in Bucharest that the social infrastructure in Romania has poor performances compared to the one in Belgium.

“Once again we see in Romania a lack of social infrastructure, caused by the communist past and state structures which were established after the Revolution. (…) Social structure in Romania, compared to my country Belgium has poor performances and we would like (…) to help building a greater capacity of social structures in Romania. It is a long-term investment from our part and from NGOs in Belgium to help, based on the mutual support between Romanians and the solidarity within the Romanian community,” Thomas Baekelandt said.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Romania expressed his appreciation for the “Omenia” CARP in Bucharest.

“The solidarity among people makes you stronger and such a community motivates the volunteer contribution, one being proud to work in this system. This is not yet a general rule in Romania, but with your work and example you can make yourselves known to others. You can be an example for other communities,” the Ambassador stated.

He mentioned that he was very impressed that the association’s personnel and volunteers are committing to the noble task of helping retirees in their daily lives. The official remarked that the pensioners of the “Omenia” CARP in Bucharest can benefit from basic health care, on an affordable price.

President of the “Omenia” National Federation CARP in Romania Gheorghe Chioaru and Director of the Open Network for Community Development Jozef Goebels have signed a collaboration protocol.

Thomas Baekelandt mentioned that the Open Network for Community Development is among the NGOs which benefit from the support of the Belgium Embassy.

According to Goebels, the protocol stipulates that the signatory parts to collaborate in order to improve the lives of pensioners.

President of the “Omenia” CARP Association in Bucharest Gheorghe Chioaru mentioned that the document stipulates collaboration activities in order to enhance the number of social services and the number of people who handle the social assistance for pensioners on a national level.

Moreover, he informed that he sent sponsorship requests in order to build a social canteen and an almshouse for old people on a land situated on the Amurgului Street No.40, which is owned by the “Omenia” CARP in Bucharest.

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