Constitutional Court asks Parliament and Gov’t for opinion on Law 90/2001. Valer Dorneanu: The case is complicated, there is extraordinary political and media pressure

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) has asked the two Chambers of Parliament and the Government for their opinion on Law no.90/2001, against the backdrop of the appeal filed against it by the Ombudsman, CCR President Valer Dorneanu (photo) stated on Thursday, pointing out that the case is “very complicated.”

“The reporting judge has not filed the report. The moment the report appears we will set the court hearing deadline. Until then, we have requested points of view from the two Chambers of Parliament and the Government and we are yet to receive them. After we receive them and after the reporting judge writes the report, I will be able to tell you what the deadline is,” Dorneanu said when asked when will the ruling be made on law no.90/2001, a law that the Ombudsman has challenged at the CCR.

Dorneanu also stated that the case is very complicated given the political and media pressure centred on it.

“It’s a very complicated case because it has extraordinary political and media pressure, not that it is very complicated in its content. It is, but it is rendered particularly complicated by the reverberations that the public opinion is creating around this issue,” Dorneanu pointed out.

He said that some of these “reverberations” are also impacting him, since he is blamed for allegedly signing that law in his former capacity as Lower Chamber Speaker.

“One [of the reverberations] has an impact on many of the judges too, including on me; I am blamed for allegedly signing that law, a law that was among some 1,000 laws I signed given the obligation I had, as Speaker, to sign the bills adopted,” Dorneanu said.

Asked whether this renders him incompatible to judge this case, Dorneanu answered negatively, pointing out that the institution of recusation and incompatibility does not exist at the CCR.

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