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September 19, 2019

Registrations of luxury vehicles up by 23pct in 2016

The most traded luxury vehicles in Romania have recorded in 2016 an increase by 22.7pct of the registrations of the new and used cars reaching 5,368 units, with Volvo topping the rankings, say the data released by the Directorate for Driving and Vehicle Registration /DRPCIV/, read by AGERPRES.

In January – December 2016, among the most expensive vehicles newly registered were: Volvo (2,306 units, of which 380 new), Alfa Romeo (959 units, of which 20 new), Porsche (731 units, of which 228 new), Jeep (524 units, of which 369 new) and Jaguar (354 units, 169 new).

To the above-mentioned adds the Chrysler model (82 units), Maserati (41 units), Bentley (35 units), Cadillac (26 units), Ferrari (16 units), Lamborghini (7 units) and Pontiac (3 units).

According to the DRPCIV, generally speaking the new vehicles’ registrations on 2016 grew by 16.95 units to 94,919 units, from 81,162 units in 2015.

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