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May 23, 2022

Snowfalls and blizzard are back. ANM: There will be three days of hard winter and temperatures of minus 14 Celsius degrees

Snowfalls and strong wind are back starting on Monday evening, in Banat, Oltenia, Muntenia and Dobrogea, with high intensity in the South, in the counties in the Danube Meadow, according to the National Administration of Meteorology (ANM).

“Cold weather in much of the country, frosty morning and evening in most of the areas, especially in North and Center. Highs will be from minus 7 to 3 degrees, while lows will generally be from minus 14 to minus 4 degrees. Starting from tomorrow evening, tomorrow night (e.n. – from Monday night) clouds will cover the sky in much of the country and it will snow in Banat, Oltenia, Muntenia and Dobrogea, with a higher intensity in the southern extremity, toward the Danube Meadow. Counties in the Danube Meadow, those from below – Teleorman and Giurgiu are subject to these mentions. There will also be strong wind with speeds of 45 to 55 km/h in the areas with snowfalls. In the South of Banat, in Baragan and in Dobrogea there will be even gusts of more than 60 km/h. Mixed precipitation and glazed frost conditions will be on Monday night in the eastern Dobrogea, therefore in the seaside area. The weather will remain cold, with frosty mornings and nights in much of the country, and little snow will be only isolated, especially in the South”, also announced ANM.

In the context of the warning made by meteorologists, the Ministry OF Internal Affairs (MAI) also makes preparations. The intervention forces for emergency situations claim that they are prepared in each county where such a situation may occur.

“Following the weather warning, the operative groups and the County Committees for Emergency Situations will be activated in each county, so operative interventions can be made to support the population. In the first stage, preventive measures are taken to protect people’s lives. People are asked to call 112 for the emergency situations, so the authorities can intervene. They are also asked to exactly follow the instructions and recommendations made by the authorities, in order to avoid danger”, shows a release sent to MEDIAFAX on Sunday.

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