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March 29, 2023

USR prepares itself for the first Congress. Nicusor Dan: “I will run for the President position”

The members of the Save Romania Union (USR) announced at Sibiu that the first national congress, in which Nicusor Dan will run for the President position, will be organized; he stated on Sunday, in a press conference, that he doesn’t know if he will be the only candidate.

Nicusor Dan stated at Sibiu on Sunday, at the first meeting of the USR members held after the parliamentary elections, that there have been discussions on organizing the first national congress, which most likely will be held in Cluj-Napoca, in March or May, the final decision being announced at the end of January.

“We’ll have a National Congress in March or in May, most likely in Cluj-Napoca. It was discussed (e.n. – at Sibiu) that the most equitable representation norm is at the Congress, because we are already too large to make a General Meeting, and we discussed a lot about the improvements we have to bring to the statute. It will be very soon, by the end of the month we’ll decide if the Congress will be in March or in May, so that our colleagues will be able to start the preparations”, stated Nicusor Dan on Sunday, in a press conference.

Asked if he will run for the President position, Nicusor Dan answered he will “undoubtedly” do this.

Also asked if he will be the only candidate for the USR presidency, Nicusor Dan stated that he doesn’t know this.

“I don’t know, we’ll see. We are a democratic party. Our branches were formed in some haste, people that have been very active in the campaign came later. We saw who worked and who didn’t. There will be a new round of elections and each branch will decide who will participate to the Congress”, Nicusor Dan answered.

Asked by the MEDIAFAX correspondent if Clotilde Armand and her husband have participated to the General Meeting at Sibiu, Nicusor Dan answered that Armand’s husband is not a USR member anymore, but Clotilde has participated to the Meeting.

“Her husband is not a member anymore. Also, he’s not a supporter anymore. He was a member, he challenged the decision of exclusion. Until this appeal will be judged by the National Arbitration Committee, he is suspended. As for Mrs. Clotilde Armand, she has participated. I believe everyone who was in Sibiu saw that our only chance is to continue together, and it would be a proof of responsibility for the people who voted us to continue in this formula. I exclude the option of breaking USR. We will continue together” Nicusor Dan stated.

More than 400 USR members, including almost the entire parliamentary group, have participated this weekend, in Sibiu, to the first meeting of the members after the parliamentary elections of December.

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