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A relationship that started at SRI and ended at Cheia: The content of the seven tapes with Sebastian Ghita that led to Coldea’s suspension

Florian Coldea’s suspension comes after Sebastian Ghita’s revelations that have been made on seven recordings. The former MP spoke about a relationship that started in 2008 and continued with holidays in exotic places and coffees at SRI, but suddenly ended seven years later at Cheia, in the holiday home of the politician, who was a member of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) and of the Parliamentary Committee for the control of SRI.


 December 28, the first recording: I met Kovesi in SRI’s premises


pag 4 sau 5 kovesi (1)The first recording was published by Romania TV channel on December 28. At that time, the former MP stated that he met Laura Codruta Kovesi, the DNA Chief-Prosecutor, in the SRI premises, at K2, K4 and T14, and that he met here “at least twice a week, since 2010 to 2014”, Florian Coldea also being present to the discussions.

“I met Mrs. Kovesi at the SRI premises K2, K4 and T14. That’s where we used to meet at least twice a week, since 2010, and this series of meetings lasted until 2014. The truth is that maybe hundreds of such meetings existed all these years. In one of the meetings there were present only General Florian Coldea, Laura Codruta Kovesi and a head of the CIA station in Romania. The first one that I met in the presence of Mrs. Kovesi and Mr. Coldea was Mr. Karl Schwab, Mrs. Kovesi’s former boss, and the second is Eric Easly, probably Mrs. Kovesi’s current boss” Sebastian Ghita stated in the first recording.


On December 29, the second recording highlights Coldea’s and Kovesi’s involvement in the media files


Only one day later, the second recording with Sebastian Ghita appeared. He also spoke about Florian Coldea and Laura Codruta Kovesi and about the files in media.

“ I saw with my own eyes what Laura Codruta Kovesi did in the Realitatea Media file. She wanted a spectacular case, and she used me to make such a file. I heard about Dan Voiculescu’s case from the former President Traian Basescu. He told me that he has recordings about the way it was planned and organized to jail Dan Voiculescu. I also have data and information about the way in which this repressive system executed Adrian Sarbu. All the files related to owners of media institutions have been rigged, they’ve been arranged” stated Sebastian Ghita in a new recording published by Romania TV.


The third recording presents Laura Codruta Kovesi to subordinate Realitatea TV


The third recording appeared shortly after the New Year’s Eve. This time, Ghita tried to give details about “Laura Codruta Kovesi’s plan to subordinate Realitatea TV”.

“Mrs. Kovesi suggested and explained to me how to come with such denunciations and information that she will interpret, because she wished to make a famous file that will push her to the top of the Public ministry, to take DNA leadership and to consolidate her career.  I’ve shown you the ‘mauve owl’ email and Realitatea TV, the series of bank-notes that I sent on Mrs. Kovesi’s email to be an evidence in the file. Another email contains the following phrases written by Laura Codruta Kovesi and her counselor Dana Titian: ‘We need something convincing, to indicate that the threat made you to give up, to pay the requested amount, now we’ll motivate with what we have’. Kovesi was actually asking me to provide her with documents accusing Vantu and helping her in this file. She comes and tells me clearly that she wants more, that she wants a contract indicating that my family is threatened, or an addendum to the security contract to justify why I submitted the complaint. I know how things were made. I didn’t believe that helping her, she will change and patent the pattern, and that she’ll explain it to other prosecutors who will start to make rigged files” Ghita claimed.

Ghita also stated then that Nicolae Popa, former manager of FNI, was brought from Indonesia with an aircraft paid by a private company from Ploiesti.


On January 3, a new recording shows the involvement of Basescu, Kovesi and Coldea in the Voiculescu case


On January 3, Romania TV channel published an audio recording with Sebastian Ghita in which he says that the former President Traian Basescu has recordings with Florian Coldea, Laura Codruta Kovesi and Camelia Bogdan. Moreover, the TV channel presents a recording with Traian Basescu in which he claims that he knows how Dan Voiculescu was convicted and how Camelia Bogdan’s placing on magistrate Mustata’s place was arranged. And Florian Coldea, the SRI Deputy Director, knew everything. Ghita claims that Coldea is also involved in making Adrian Sarbu’s file, which was made on “Florian Coldea’s secret agenda”.


On January 5, Ghita stated that Ponta was blackmailed by Coldea to appoint Kovesi at the DNA leadership


On January 5, Sebastian Ghita stated that Victor Ponta was blackmailed by Florin Coldea to propose Laura Codruta Kovesi as the DNA Chief-Prosecutor, in the name of the US representatives. “I am the person who accompanied Elena Udrea at Victor Ponta’s office and about whom Elena Udrea has publicly stated. What wasn’t publicly said until now is that Victor Ponta was blackmailed to appoint Laura Codruta Kovesi. Actually, Florian Coldea told him in front of me that if he will not appoint Kovesi to DNA, the visit scheduled for Ponta in the US to meet Biden or Obama will be cancelled.

Moreover, Victor Ponta was told that the announcement about the visit in the US will be made around the presidential elections, and this will destroy him. (…) The document with the proposal of Laura Codruta Kovesi, the document forwarded to Traian Basescu, was written at the Government, on the computer located in Victor Ponta’s secretariat. I have attended to its drafting on official paper, and then I went to the SRI Villa with the sign K2, where Florian Coldea and Victor Ponta were present. Ponta told Elena Udrea and me, at the meeting we had in his office: ‘I will propose her, but I have a bad opinion about Kovesi, I am sure that she will execute the orders of those from outside and she will make files to all of us. You two will be the first arrested’. Victor Ponta was right. Laura Codruta Kovesi tried to remove from the public life all those who helped her in one way or another. Then, I went with the document to Victor Ponta, I found him with Florian Coldea, the latter called Laura Codruta Kovesi by the phone and told her to immediately come to Bucharest. That’s how Laura Codruta Kovesi was appointed” Sebastian Ghita Stated.


 Ghita: I met Kovesi hundreds of times at the SRI premises, at my home, in the wine cellar, in the vineyard, we have partied together


The former MP related how he met the First Deputy Director of SRI, Florian Coldea, and the DN Chief-Prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, and how they spent several holidays together.

Seniors from SRI presented Florian Coldea to me in 2008. We were young, we have little children and we have established a friendship. Both of us believed in a better Romania and we were aiming to do all our best to make Romania grow, develop, and to find a place in our country. For seven years, our children grew up together. I won’t present pictures with them because the children are not guilty of anything. But you’ll see other evidences of my relationship with Florian Coldea from the holidays we spent together. This is how I met and became a friend of Laura Codruta Kovesi, too. I met her hundreds of times at the SRI premises, at my home, in the wine cellar, in the vineyard, we partied together, we were at the SRI pier from the Delta, at the SRI villas in Neptun, at the villas from Sinaia and many other things. This is how I became to be directly involved in the appointment of Laura Codruta Kovesi to DNA in 2014, I was a friend of her, I was a friend of Florian Coldea and Victor Ponta”, Ghita also stated.


A recording presented on January 9 shows Coldea at Ghita’s holiday house in Cheia


The recording from January 9 also presents Florian Coldea’s threats against Victor Ponta. This time, Ghita claimed that the SRI Deputy Head was against the construction of the Brasov-Comarnic highway. But the tape presented, showing Florian Coldea at Sebastian Ghita’s villa from Cheia, is even more important than the statements.

“It was the last unofficial conversation, dated February 1, 2015. He left angry, and after two weeks, on February 17, both the former PM and me had a file, Victor Ponta’s family was called to DNA, they searched him, they seized the nephew’s tablets”, said the former MP.


 On January 11, Ghita presented evidences with the holidays spent together with Coldea’s family in expensive exotic places


To prove the close relationship that he had with Coldea’s family, Ghita published a new recording on Wednesday, in which he spoke about the holidays spent with Coldea’s family.

“Early in 2010, at the beginning of February, we were together with our families in Seychelles, only us. It was before the PSD congress, and we decided to go in a holiday on an exotic island. We stayed together, it can be easily checked, at Hilton Seychelles North Resort. By accident, I found at my home the envelope with the invoices from that hotel. We stayed for ten days, and I remember that I was asking him to help Victor Ponta to win PSD presidency, and Florian Coldea said that Traian Basescu doesn’t want Ponta. Diaconescu, Geoana, anyone, but Ponta must not reach PSD. Dan Andronic, from Evenimentul Zilei, can confirm we intersected on the way back, in the Istanbul airport. He talked with me and Florian Coldea during the boarding. Coldea was scared of Andronic and, although he had a business flight, he moved to economic. He was afraid that Basescu could find out with whom he was on the trip. It wasn’t the only holiday that I spent with Florian Coldea. In October 2012, we were together with Vasile Dancu and my brother-in-law Cristi Anastasescu in Toscana, Italy, where we stayed in a villa called Locanda Dell’Amorosa. Here’s a document from that villa, containing our names printed on it. (…) I will give you only one more example of such holiday and a photo with our families in Disneyland, Paris; Mrs. General Dorina Coldea, Mr. Coldea’s wife, appears in the photo” Sebastian Ghita stated in the recording published on Wednesday.


“Klaus Iohannis is the prisoner of Laura Codruta Kovesi and Florian Coldea, because he’s afraid of the files that can be opened on Carmen Iohannis’s name”


Sebastian Ghita claims that President Klaus Iohannis is the prisoner of Laura Codruta Kovesi and Florian Coldea, being afraid of the files that could be opened on Carmen Iohannis’s name.

“I told to Mr. Coldea, however, at one time, about three years ago, if I’m not wrong, that many years have been passed since he rules Romania, and that I don’t see things as good as I saw them at the beginning. (..) I told him at that time that people, Romanians, will slowly consider and name Coldea and Kovesi responsible for the disaster of the last ten years.

The result of the ten years of fear and terror was bringing Iohannis to power, together with Ciolos’s technocrats who came from Brussels. Iohannis is the prisoner of Coldea and Kovesi, I presented these things in the Romanian Parliament. He’s afraid of what files they can make to Mrs. Carmen Iohannis now, and President Iohannis is also afraid of what will happen after this period of presidency” also said the former MP.

On the night of December 19 to 20, 2016, Sebastian Ghita was lost by the police officers that were monitoring him on DN1, while he was going home from an event held by SRI, judicial sources stated for MEDIAFAX.

According to the quoted sources, the police officers monitoring him said that he was driving over 200 km/h, and another car blocked them. Later, the car in which Sebastian Ghita was, has been found at his home, so the ones who were monitoring him thought he’s sleeping.

An arrest warrant in absentia has been issued on Sebastian Ghita’s name, after he violated the judicial control measure. At the same time, the former MP is subject to international search.


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