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June 13, 2021

Liviu Dragnea and Sorin Grindeanu to attend Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony

Donald Trump’s Republican administration has invited Lower Chamber Speaker and PSD President Liviu Dragnea and Romanian Premier Sorin Grindeanu  at the events occasioned by the inauguration of  45th President of the United States on January 17-21. The announcement was made on Monday by the Deputies’ Chamber secretary Marian Ciolacu.

“We received an internal memo in the Standing Bureau, regarding the Deputies’ Chamber and Social Democratic Party leader, Mr Liviu Dragnea’s invitation to participate in Washington D.C., in the Inauguration Ceremony of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump and in the related events occasioned by this moment. The invitation was launched by one of the two Vice-Presidents of the USA Presidential Inaugural Committee, from January 17 to 21. The chairman’s travel was obviously unanimously approved,” declared Ciolacu at the end of the Deputies’ Chamber Standing Bureau’s session.

He added that Dragnea “will certainly attend” this event, to which the Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu was also invited.

The invitation is signed by Elliott Broidy, Deputy Chairman of the Inaugural Committee of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

According to the timetable attached to the invitation, the events will start on Wednesday with a small private breakfast that will also be attended by General Michael T. Flynn, nominated National Security Advisor within the Trump Administration. On Thursday, there will be a special concert and a dinner that will be attended by President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The three-hour inauguration ceremony will start on Friday at 11.25 a.m. local time. It will be followed by a parade from the U.S. Congress to the White House.

The inauguration ceremony will also be followed by a special reception which will be attended by President Donald Trump and his wife Melania and by Vice President Mike Pence and his wife.


Michael T. Flynn, future National Security Advisor to Trump, appreciates Romania’s commitment and role in NATO


Michael T. Flynn, future National Security Advisor to President-elect Donald Trump, has recently shown appreciation for Romania’s commitment and role in NATO and the region in a phone call with Romanian Ambassador in Washington, George Cristian Maior.

According to a release remitted to Agerpres, Flynn said that NATO remains a fundamental alliance for the U.S., in which all allies must contribute for the common good. The future National Security Advisor also accepted the invitation to visit Romania addressed by the Romanian diplomat.

During the phone call, the Romanian Ambassador congratulated Flynn for the position he is to occupy and assured him of Romania’s firm support for the new administration.

“Romania is a stable and sure ally of the United States that consistently contributes to the actions to combat terrorism and to strengthen common defence. Romania’s commitment within the North Atlantic Alliance is and will remain strong, being in accordance with the vision of the new administration regarding the increase of resources for defence on the part of the European allies. This will be confirmed through the earmarking, by our country, of 2 percent of GDP for defence and especially through the consolidation of necessary capabilities through judicious planning,” the Ambassador stated.

General Flynn conveyed his thanks and appreciation for our fortitude to President Klaus Iohannis and the Romanian Government for the seriousness and support shown to America, underlining the importance of the Romanian people’s positive feelings towards the United States, which he knows fully well.


Presidential Administration: Romania to be represented by its ambassador in Washington at Donald Trump’s investiture ceremony


Romania will be represented at the inauguration ceremony of the United States of America’s President-elect Donald Trump by our country’s ambassador in Washington, since no foreign delegation is officially invited to the said event, says the Presidential Administration in a release on Monday.

“According to the US practices on the new presidents’ inauguration ceremonies, the heads of the diplomatic missions accredited in Washington are the only ones formally representing their heads of states and governments at the investiture events. No foreign delegation, nor heads of state or government, according to this tradition is officially invited on this occasion. This rule has been reconfirmed explicitly on the occasion of the investiture of President Donald Trump, the way it has been underlined in the invitation sent by the State Department, on behalf of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies to all of the diplomatic missions in Washington,” reads the release by the Presidential Administration.

The paper also says that delegations of representatives from certain bodies or political parties who participate in the events organised on the official ceremonies’ sidelines do not formally represent the Romanian state.

“Romania will be represented according to the above-mentioned tradition by Romania’s ambassador to the United States of America,” specifies the Presidential Administration.

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