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April 23, 2021

Sebastian Ghita’s revelations jolt Romanian Intelligence Service’s leadership. General Coldea suspended from SRI’s operational leadership. What next?

*Ghita promises not to stop…


Businessman Sebastian Ghita’s series of revelations about his friendship with four-star general Florian Coldea, former First Deputy Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), could no longer leave the institution indifferent, forcing it to adopt a position following ever-growing public pressure as well as international reactions in the last week. According to some analysts, the SRI director of operations’ overexposure in the media had already become a factor of major vulnerability for the Service, which was thus forced to react.

However, at least so far, the same did not take place in what concerns the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), whose Chief Prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, is also targeted by Ghita’s series of revelations.

Not few are those claiming in recent days that, just like Coldea took a step back until the inquiry is concluded, Kovesi should follow suit. Apart from the statement she gave the press early last week, statement according to which she “does not comment on the statements of an indicted fugitive,” the DNA Chief Prosecutor has adopted the law of silence.

After the SRI communique issued on Thursday evening, announcing that General Florian Coldea has been suspended by the Service’s leadership in reaction to Sebastian Ghita’s video recordings until the internal inquiry is completed, the recent days have been marked by ever-growing declarations and reactions to the implications of Coldea’s suspension. But also to its effects on the influence that the “SRI-DNA duo” (a term increasingly used in the public space) will still have on Romanian politics or the judiciary.


Florian Coldea’s name no longer appears on SRI’s website following suspension


Over the weekend, Florian Coldea’s name disappeared from the Romanian Intelligence Service’s (SRI) website, after the general was suspended from the office of SRI First Deputy Director for the duration of the inquiry that SRI has started as a result of the revelations made by Sebastian Ghita, who in his latest recording promised not to stop here and to continue.

The website’s “SRI Leadership” section now lists SRI Director Eduard Raul Hellvig and the names of his three deputies: Colonel Cristian Bizadea, Brigadier General Adrian Ciocirlan and Lieutenant General George-Viorel Voinescu, along with their photographs, resumes and statements of assets and liabilities.

The Romanian Intelligence Service announced on Thursday that it set up a commission of inquiry and SRI First Deputy Director Florian Coldea will be suspended for the duration of its proceedings.

“As a result of the public information concerning Lieutenant General Florian Coldea, information subjected to preliminary verifications, SRI Director Eduard Hellvig has ordered, in line with procedures, the setting up of a special commission of inquiry into possible infringements of the law or of professional deontology. In this sense, until the verifications are finalised, Lieutenant General Florian Coldea is suspended, in line with legal provisions, and the prerogatives of the office of SRI Deputy Director will be taken over by SRI Director Eduard Hellvig. All circumstances presented publicly as well as the documents put at disposal by Lieutenant General Florian Coldea are being analysed,” the SRI pointed out.


Florian Coldea was SRI’s second most-important man for 12 years


Florian Coldea (45) was appointed SRI First Deputy Director on 27 July 2005. His name was mentioned against the backdrop of the overtures made to release the three Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq, and he was appointed in office shortly after they were repatriated.

Prior to this appointment, he held various positions of leadership within SRI’s Directorate for the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism. In 2008 he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general, in 2008 to the rank of major general, and in 2014 to the rank of lieutenant general.

In the last 12 years, Florian Coldea was SRI First Deputy Director, with the rank of secretary of state. He held the Service’s acting leadership on two occasions, after the resignations of Radu Timofte and George Maior.

Mihail Florian Coldea was born in 1971, in Tarnova, Arad County.

After graduating the Industrial High School no.11 (currently the ‘Csiky Gergely’ High School) in Arad, he enrolled at the National Intelligence Academy’s Faculty of Psychology, graduating in 1996.

On 27 July 2005, Florian Coldea was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and appointed, through presidential decree, first deputy director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, with the rank of secretary of state, until 1 August 2005. He was promoted to the rank of colonel on 24 March 2006.

From July 20 to October 4, 2006, he was acting director of the SRI, after Alexandru Radu Timofte resigned. He was acting director of the SRI for the second time in January 2015, after George Maior resigned.

On 18 April 2008, President Traian Basescu promoted him to the rank of one-star brigadier general.

Florian Coldea became known following his involvement in the operation to rescue three Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq in 2005. Romanian President Traian Basescu considered him a close collaborator at the time. In 2014, he became three-star general.

Before becoming SRI’s second most-important man, he was officer within its Directorate for Combating Terrorism.

In 2010, he defended his doctoral thesis in the management of intelligence services. According to his wealth statement, Florian Coldea owns two homes in Bucharest and has a declared annual income of almost RON 120,000. He does not own plots of land, vehicles, paintings or jewellery. When it comes to liabilities, he has a EUR 55,000 loan set to mature in 2021.


Coldea’s name, very frequently invoked in recent years in connection to judiciary actions


Contrary to the intelligence service’s unwritten law that their directors usually have a low profile, Florian Coldea’s name has been mentioned by several politicians in recent years, in connection to various appointments within the judiciary or actions carried out by the judiciary. Elena Udrea, Traian Basescu and recently Sebastian Ghita were among those invoking Coldea. Sebastian Ghita mentioned him in each of the seven recordings broadcast by the television channel he controls. The most recent recording was broadcast last Wednesday, when the former lawmaker, which went missing on December 21, talked about vacations he spent with Coldea in Seychelles in 2010 and in Tuscany in 2012, allegedly alongside Vasile Dancu too. Sebastian Ghita, who was member of Parliament’s intelligence oversight commission, presented a photograph he claimed shows his wife and Coldea’s wife at Disneyland.

Coldea made very few public statements during his term in office. In January 2015, his name appeared in a public scandal started by Elena Udrea. She denounced the general at the prosecutor’s office for allegedly being behind the criminal cases started against her. Parliament’s intelligence oversight commission opened an investigation and summoned Florian Coldea for hearings.

“I placed at the commission’s disposal all information requested and I answered the questions of each member of the commission. Regarding the 5 points on the order of the day, I presented the fact that throughout the year last year, one marked by electoral rhetoric, both the institution and SRI’s leadership acted in conditions of full neutrality and political unbiasedness,” Florian Coldea stated on 9 February 2015, after he was heard by the members of Parliament’s intelligence oversight commission.

DNA prosecutors immediately closed Elena Udrea’s complaint, arguing there was no evidence to back the former lawmaker’s statements.


Florian Coldea targeted by second SRI inquiry: He was involved in a large scandal 10 years ago too


Florian Coldea is not facing his first SRI internal inquiry. The Romanian Intelligence Service started the latest inquiry following businessman Sebastian Ghita’s revelations, an inquiry that also brought with itself the suspension of SRI’s First Deputy Director.

The first scandal in which Coldea was involved and which prompted SRI to start an internal inquiry was the one provoked by the statements made by Mircea Geoana – back then leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – in 2007. According to them, SRI’s First Deputy Director allegedly asked for information on Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) judges Ion Predescu, Nicolae Cochinescu and Aspazia Cojocaru. The Social Democrat leader claimed that the Constitutional Court’s decision to issue a negative report on the proposed impeachment of President Traian Basescu was thus influenced.

In April 2007, after the Constitutional Court rejected the proposed impeachment of Traian Basescu, PSD President Mircea Geoana claimed that the Head of State had asked SRI for information on members of the Court. Claiming they were written by Florian Coldea, Geoana presented two notes concerning the files of three judges – Aspazia Cojocaru, Nicolae Cochinescu and Ion Predescu. Florian Coldea denied the allegations, arguing that those were office notes meant for internal use, News.ro informs.

An internal inquiry and hearings within Parliament’s intelligence oversight commission took place back then too. Coldea was suspended throughout the duration of the inquiry and was then reinstated in office.

Former SRI Director George Maior, currently Romania’s ambassador to Washington, stated at that time that the results of SRI’s internal inquiry showed no elements of political police and Traian Basescu “did not ask the Service for anything,” however “information liable to affect the Service’s credibility was leaked” to PSD. He deemed that Florian Coldea showed professional misconduct.


Presidential Spokesperson : I confirm that the President summoned Florian Coldea to Cotroceni, where they had talks


Highly awaited ever since Ghita made his first revelations about General Coldea and DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, the Presidency’s reaction came only on Friday, through spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolschi.

The spokesperson confirmed that President Iohannis summoned SRI First Deputy Director Florian Coldea – currently suspended pending the results of an internal inquiry – at the Cotroceni Palace on Thursday, and had a talk with the intelligence service’s high official.

Dobrovolschi however did not reveal whether the President asked SRI’s director of operations to resign, stating that the aforementioned details are the only comments she was allowed to make on this topic.

Asked whether President Iohannis consulted SRI Director Eduard Hellvig before General Coldea was suspended, Dobrovolschi answered: “As you know, at institutional level there is permanently a dialogue between this state’s main institutions. I won’t concretely talk about some meetings that took place recently because when there are meetings that require official confirmation they are either on the public agenda or, as happened this time, they are publicly confirmed or presented at the request of the press because it is in the interest of the public institutions involved to communicate the fact that there are such meetings.”


Dobrovolschi: President has best information on sensitive topics


President Iohannis has “the most numerous and the best information” on “sensitive” topics, Presidential Spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolschi stated on Friday.

“Just as every time we are talking about the existence of information, the Romanian President is highly informed. Each time there are sensitive topics, he has the most numerous and the best information,” the spokesperson answered when asked whether “the president asked the Interior Ministry or any other state institution for information about the investigation that concerns Sebastian Ghita.”


“President has no comments on a ‘step back’ taken by Kovesi”


The Presidency “has no comments” on the possibility that the DNA Chief Prosecutor may take “a step back” after her name was involved in the “Ghita-Coldea” scandal, Presidential Spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolschi stated.


Ghita, SRI collaborator since 2004


According to documents presented by stiripesurse.ro, Sebastian Ghita was a full-fledged SRI informant. Thus, per the documents, on 27 August 2004, Sebastian Ghita signed a statement making him a collaborator of the Romanian Intelligence Service.

“He became an undercover officer and then, in this capacity, he took over a series of businesses belonging to the secret services. He ended up, in this capacity, even overseeing the secret services. He got fabulously rich and he was probably generous too, he strengthened his connections at the helm of the establishment, through his position as lawmaker and given his relationship with SRI,” journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu told Realitatea TV.

According to Sorin Rosca Stanescu, undercover officers have priority in the business world. In 2001-2002, the journalist explained, all intelligence services were given the order to control companies.

“They were winning anything that was up for grabs, every public contract. All these SRI collaborators are filthy rich and are protected if they break the law. All illegalities are covered,” the journalist added.

Sorin Rosca Stanescu explained that Sebastian Ghita’s role, as undercover officer member of the Lower Chamber and even of the intelligence oversight commission, was to defend the intelligence services’ interests within the Romanian Parliament, to pass laws favourable for SRI and to make sure there would be no serious intelligence oversight.


Elena Udrea on Coldea’s fall: Romania’s disinfestation process has just begun


“Romania’s disinfestation process has just begun, and I hope that it will not be falsified by those who believe that the System must work the same way, only that it has to be differently populated and in their interest” Elena Udrea wrote on Facebook, after General Florian Coldea was suspended from SRI’s leadership.

“Exactly two years ago, on January 30, 2015, I said in the fatidic interview at Hotnews, for the first time, that there is a SRI General, Coldea, who heads Romania, by the terror of handcuffs out of Kovesi’s hand.

I said that the two named persons act in mafia style, that they are illegal beneficiaries of goods and benefits, that they have disallowed and even illegal relations with business men and politicians, that they intervene in businesses, in politics, they decide who heads institutions, who candidates, who wins elections, who’s free and who isn’t, etc.

Next day, 7 requests of restraint and preventive arrest occurred, in a furious reaction of the two, called Binom by Ion Cristoiu in the following months. They put me in jail for 8 days, and for another 72 more days, they tried to arrest me one more time, the third time, 6 months after they released me…

I spent my last two years between DNA and ICCJ, they made me five criminal files, they blocked my career and life…

I was destroyed then as not being credible, now it turns out I was right. If those who were entitled to react at my revelations would have had the courage to do it, Romania wouldn’t have missed two years and it wouldn’t have reached the crisis of democracy and rule of law in which it is now.

Of course, better late than never. Coldea’s dismissal is the beginning. Next should be the reparation of the abuses committed by the repressive system built by this man and those around him, who did more harm to the country than any politician after the Revolution.

Romania’s disinfestation process has just begun, and I hope that it will not be falsified by those who believe that the System must work the same, only that it has to be differently populated and in their interest.

What’s happening is a lesson for those who believe that they’re so powerful that nothing can happen to them – there’s an English word: “Power is a fickle mistress”, wrote the former Minister Elena Udrea on Facebook.


Traian Basescu on Coldea’s suspension: The damages caused are major. Truth must be revealed


Former President Traian Basescu believes that an investigation that clarifies the relationship which Sebastian Ghita had with Florian Coldea and the DNA Chief-Prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, should follow.

“I believe it was a necessary measure. A Committee, maybe the interior counter-intelligence, will investigate the events related by Ghita. If he hadn’t the elegance to resign, it couldn’t go further, the institution had to react. The damages caused are major. Truth must be revealed regarding the relationship with Ghita” Traian Basescu stated on Thursday evening, after SRI’s announcement about Coldea’s suspension following Ghita’s revelations, according to B1 TV.

As for the relationship between Coldea, Ghita and Kovesi, things are more complicated. I don’t know if Kovesi will be removed, too. This has to be decided by CSM and Justice Minister.

I give Mrs. Kovesi powers related to denouncements. She is extremely happy if they pronounce a politician name.

Two persons whom I grew up, they were small, were in a very close relationship with PSD, who was my opponent beyond any limit, were sending me to jail, they were suspending me. That’s what happened, that’s life. It’s excluded that an investigation will be hushed up, SRI would compromise itself. General Coldea will not remain First Deputy whatever the outcome of the investigation.

Today’s decision was taken after President Klaus Iohannis’s approval” stated Traian Basescu.

We’ll have to consider to introduce incompatibilities for the intelligence services, too, in terms of legislation, because they have all their families in there.

Position, power generates also the passion for dictatorship. We’ll have to limit the term of the SRI’s heads”, also said the former President, who, in the last two years since he ended his term, also repeatedly warned about the abuse of power made by Coldea and Kovesi.

But to many people, Basescu’s statements didn’t seem credible, as long as he is deemed to be the architect of this “SRI-DNA” binomial of force, and as long as he had only good words for Kovesi and Coldea when he was President.


 Calin Popescu Tariceanu: SRI investigation must clarify to what extent the service has supported the establishment of the mafia state


The same type of speech is also adopted by Tariceanu, in a press release.

SRI investigation of the General Florian Coldea should clarify to what extent the services has contributed to Romania’s transformation in a “mafia state”, asks the President of the Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

“The objectives of the started investigation, as they are presented in SRI’s release: ‘checking any violation of the law or professional deontology’ are extremely vague”, believes the ALDE Co-Chair. The control of respecting the deontology by all of the SRI employees is a permanent task of te Services’ leadership and of the specialized department, not only when uncomfortable and compromising revelations appear in the public space”, he explains in a press release issued on Friday.

“Of course it’s important to know if the SRI First Deputy complied with the internal regulations, but if we take into account Romania’s transformation in a ‘mafia state’, a process in which SRI had the attitude of a spectator in the best case, the trips paid or not by General Coldea seem to be minor subjects. Romanian public opinion, media and our allies wait to see to what extent SRI abandoned its legal missions in the favor of some partisan political actions, some of them even against the foundations of the democracy and rule of law, concrete situations in which Justice has been turned into SRI’s tactical field. This should be the objective of the investigation initiated by the SRI Director Eduard Hellvig”, Tariceanu underlined.

He asks Klaus Iohannis to join him in this approach.

“I am aware that I proposed an ambitious objective, but it’s what the voters showed us that they expect after elections. The new Parliament will also contribute to its fulfillment, and I would like very much the President of Romania, who has consistent constitutional attributions in this field, to join us, especially in CSAT. If he will not do this, I am sure he will be drastically sanctioned by the voters. As the Senate’s President and ALDE Chairman, I will use all the legal levers and my entire political influence to achieve the objective from above”, ALDE Co-Chair concluded.


Victor Ponta, on Facebook: “The Securitate system is back 2012”


Former PM Victor Ponta wrote on Saturday on his Facebook page about the system that wants to hurt Romania.

“THE SECURITATE SYSTEM from Romania is back in 2012 – when Parliament, Government, and especially Romanian people are against it, it calls the external support!!!

Mrs. Ioana Ene Dogioiu (together with Dan Tapalaga) are unanimously deemed and accepted as being “the official voice of the System” – Ion Cristoiu calls them “journalists with epaulets” / other journalists and politicians call them “SRI’s wall newspaper” or “Coldea’s written voice” – it’s less important now!

Today, Mrs. Ene Dogioiu (it’s not even her real name, it’s only a pseudonym) announce the transition to the last phase of the war with Romanian people – and, of course, with the Government and Parliament – the request for external intervention to save THE SYSTEM!

Those who remember history will find that the call is strikingly alike to the one made by the propaganda of the Hungarian Communist Party in 1956 to the “Big Brother” USSR, which had to send “liberating forces” against the “troublemakers” who want “to change the country’s political orientation” – with the single difference that the call is now addressed to USA, instead of USSR (besides, Ambassador Hans Klemm’s attitude is surprisingly similar to the one of the USSR’s Ambassador in Budapest in 1956)!

But, for not believing it’s just history, I remembered the year of 2012 in Romania! The “System’s propaganda” had the same call to the “liberating” forces / Traian Basescu had to be officially saved at that time – now, Klaus Iohannis must be saved / actually, the one to be saved, either in 2012 or in 2017, is THE SYSTEM!

I will look for the letter I received at that time from Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton – the US Secretary of State, and I will publish it / since either Mrs. Clinton or I don’t have any public position in the state anymore, I consider that letter simply is a historical document!

The methods and the situation are strikingly alike with the year of 2012 / question is if Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu Tariceanu have learned from the human mistakes and weaknesses made by Crin Antonescu and me?

Especially because now, Washington will have an Administration which seems to have learned from the mistakes made by the Barack Obama Administration!

I will be back soon with the letter – but until then, I am waiting for your opinions!” Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook.


Victor Ponta reveals how the Turceni-Rovinari file was fabricated to him: It was made in the President’s office. What he says about Coldea


In a previous post, former PM Victor Ponta stated that the Turceni-Rovinari file was made in the President Klaus Iohannis’s office, as Liviu Dragnea claims that the Referendum file was settled also at Cotroceni, only that it was made during Traian Basescu’s term.

However, Victor Ponta says that Presidents didn’t discuss in any of these cases directly with General Florian Coldea, who is suspended from the operative management of SRI because of the suspicions related to him after the revelations made by the former MP Sebastian Ghita.

“Liviu Dragnea is right – it really was like this!

Equally true is that my criminal file (for the lawyer activity from 2007 to 2008!!!) has also been made in the Romanian President’s Office – THE ONLY difference is that it wasn’t Basescu, but Iohannis – the rest is similar / When? – right after George Maior has resigned from the SRI leadership (one day or two days later)!

When Basescu or Iohannis speak about “the fight against corruption” and “the independence of Justice”, they refer to this – they don’t have any consideration and respect for judges and laws!

But “justice to the end” will be finally made!

Update – in the two above mentioned cases, General COLDEA WASN’T in Basescu’s/Iohannis’s office! Maybe Coldea was ordering (I don’t know), but somebody else was executing (I know this)!” Victor Ponta wrote on his Facebook page, as an answer to the statements made by Liviu Dragnea on Thursday evening. The President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated for a TV channel that his file was made in the office of the former President: “I know that my file, based on which I was unfairly convicted, was made in Traian Basescu’s office” Dragnea stated for a TV channel.


 Former head of DIICOT Bica, on Coldea’s investigation: They are so influent that nothing will happen. It’s a smokescreen


The former Chief-Prosecutor of the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), Alina Bica, claimed that she is reserved on the results of the investigation in Florian Coldea’s case, and stated for MEDIAFAX that she believes that everything is “a smokescreen” to take SRI out of the scandal, saying that she believes that Coldea is involved in monitoring her in Paris.

“I am reserved, I don’t believe something significant will happen, but this is my belief. Knowing how they are, their position and influence, I don’t believe something will happen. Yes, I believe it will be like in 2007, I believe it’s a form of taking the Service out of the scandal, a form of a smokescreen. This is my belief, now we’ll see, maybe I am too skeptical. A lot of people have discussed and told in the front of the court things they knew, and nothing happened, the fact that the denouncement related to him was closed after a few days without any checking” Alina Bica stated on Saturday.

The former DIICOT Chief-Prosecutor believes that Florian Coldea is involved in monitoring her and Elena Udrea in Paris.

“I publicly stated that I believe he’s involved, that he knew and that the occurrence of the photos is related to him” added Bica.

She claims that now, Laura Codruta Kovesi should “benefit from the treatment” that she and other magistrates about whom there were suspicions had.

“I believe that Mrs. Kovesi should benefit the treatment she recommended in the case of other people at her disposal. I believe that she should apply to herself the rules she proclaimed on TV and in the public space related t suspicions and anticorruption, that these rules should be applied to her. I believe we all are equal in front of the law, aren’t we?! Maybe she doesn’t comment the statements of a fugitive defendant, but prosecutors and she took into account the statements of other arrested defendants, which they considered to be very credible. I think she should apply to herself her own rules and proceedings that she applied to others, this is what I believe”, Alina Bica stated.

In the case of Alina Bica, who is judged in several files at DNA’s request, the Supreme Court was expected on Thursday to take the first decision in the file in which the former head of DIICOT, Alina Bica, is accused of receiving money from the businessman Horia Simu. IICJ decided to judge the case again to discuss the change of the legal qualification.

In the statement gave to MEDIAFAX, Bica claims that she thinks that the decision is a “good” one and she hopes to be acquitted.

“I think it’s a step forward in showing that the facts of which I am accused doesn’t exist. I think it’s a good thing and that I will be acquitted in the end” Alina Bica added.

On Thursday evening, right after the SRI announcement about Coldea’s suspension, Alina Bica also claimed that the former SRI Deputy Director was behind the monitoring action on her and Elena Udrea in Paris. “Florian Coldea was behind the monitoring in Paris. I believe they were the beneficiaries of the monitoring product. DNA had a warrant for wiretaps since February, 2015. In February, 2015, I was subject of wiretaps warrant obtained by Kovesi. They knew that I am going to Paris. Florian Coldea must leave the position, as I did. I am waiting Florian Coldea in the same place were I’ve been” stated Alina Bica live at Romania TV, at Victor Ciutacu’s show.

Alina Bica is waiting Coldea’s proof that he paid his exotic holidays. “Mr. Coldea was definitely seen on the airport when he left with Mr. Ghita. Coldea can prove that he paid only if his name appears on a bank transfer, or on a voucher or on a statement of account, or on a receipt if it was a payment in cash. If the payment was in cash, the office for Money Laundering has to be notified. His name should be on all the papers. I have receipts that I paid my trip to Paris from my money. I have all the invoices. I want an equal Justice for everybody. If I was jailed for 50 days although I am innocent, and I had pneumonia, I want the same method to be applied to everybody” Bica also said on Thursday evening.

The former head of DIICOT Alina Bica also stated that the suspended SRI First Deputy Director Florian Coldea was one of the persons that no one could pass over in Romania, and she explained that he was directly involved in her files, too.

“Florian Coldea was one of the decision-makers. A specific prosecutor made me pass through all that happened to me, Mrs. Laura Codruta Kovesi, and prosecutor Popoviciu was the long hand that executed everything he was asked for. I believe that Coldea and Kovesi cooperated very well and they did what each of them wanted to do, Mr. Coldea had a problem with Dragomir and Kovesi solved it, and Mrs. Kovesi had a problem with me and Mr. Coldea helped her to solve it.

The system was built in such a manner that it allows them to choose people’s career and lives. If a certain person wasn’t deemed to be desirable for a certain position, that person could never have that position, and when accident occurred, they solved the situation like this. After November, 2014, no one was above them in Romania, they determined everything they wanted and when they wanted.

The discussion with Traian Basescu took place when the dispute with Mrs. Kovesi related to Traian Berbeceanu’s file from Alba occurred, when there was still a person who could ask for certain explanations, after that moment there was nobody who could do this” Alina Bica related.


Read also: A relationship that started at SRI and ended at Cheia: The content of the seven tapes with Sebastian Ghita that led to Coldea’s suspension




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