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January 28, 2023

Budget 2017: Fewer funds for Presidency, SRI and Parliament

The Presidency, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and the Parliament will have lower budgets this year.

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chair Liviu Dragnea (photo) told Antena 3 private broadcaster on Sunday evening that the budgets of the Presidency, Senate, Lower Chamber, SRI, Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) and of other institutions, ministries not included, will be lower by around 20 percent, pointing out that “in 2017 we must better “manage” our money.

“I’ve already said during the campaign and after the elections that apart from the ministries – which, depending on the part of the platform we have to implement, will receive the money for programmes – the other institutions, 18-20 institutions, will have 19-20 percent lower [funds]. I’ve already uploaded on the website the draft budget for the Lower Chamber [which is] 19 percent lower. All these institutions will receive budget caps – lower by 20 percent.”

Asked what are the institutions whose budgets will be 20 percent lower, Dragnea said: “The Presidency, Senate, Lower Chamber, SRI, SIE, Court of Accounts, other institutions apart from ministries, which are not productive.”

“This is a year in which we have to better manage each penny. Nevertheless, I believe we can curtail a bit within these institutions, because it’s possible. If we are thriftier and better managers, it’s possible,” Dragnea added.

On the other hand, Premier Sorin Grindeanu told RomaniaTV private broadcaster on Sunday evening that he will not accept any kind of interference from the Head of State.


Budget adoption timetable:


January 19 – first reading during Government meeting

January 20-22 – final talks with the institutions

January 23 – special Government meeting on its adoption

January 25 – start of the procedure in Parliament

January 27 – adopted by the Legislative, ready for promulgation


 Lower Chamber budget 17.9 pc smaller. Dragnea had announced a cut of 20 pc


The Lower Chamber plenum adopted on Monday a draft Lower Chamber budget 17.9 percent lower compared to last year’s budget, against the backdrop in which Lower Chamber Speaker Liviu Dragnea had announced on Sunday that the Lower Chamber’s budget would be 20 percent lower this year.

“The Lower Chamber’s 2017 budget stands at 245,617 thousand lei, of which 235,764 thousand lei for public authorities and activities abroad and 9,853 thousand lei for social security. The operating expenditures stand at 222,615 thousand lei, the expenditures on personnel at 177,320 thousand lei, the expenditures on goods and services at 44,035 thousand lei, the expenditures on transfers, contributions and fees paid to international bodies at 1,260 thousand lei. The budget is 17.9 percent lower compared to the 2016 budget,” Lower Chamber MP and Quaestor Mihai Draghici (PSD) announced within the plenum.

The draft budget was adopted with 221 votes in favour, 19 abstentions and no votes against, after PNL announced it would vote in favour and USR pointed out it would abstain since the Lower Chamber’s website presented a draft budget “completely different” from the one discussed within the budget commissions.


Dragnea: “I was told I’ll go to jail in April-May”


Liviu Dragnea told Antena 3 on Sunday evening that he was informed he will be sent to jail at some point in April-May. The PSD President suggested the decision has been taken at the highest level in Romania.

The PSD President said he received threats and actually found out when he will end up behind bars.

“The latest rumours I heard are showing me they have decided to send me to jail in April-May this year. (…) Who do you think took the decision? Who can take such a decision in this country. Let me tell you something: there’s sufficient time until then! What I was interested in was for state institutions to have their place. I’m telling you and I’ve said it before: I’m not giving up on these objectives assumed through the governing platform,” Liviu Dragnea stated on Antena 3.

Liviu Dragnea received a suspended prison sentence in the Referendum Case, and at this moment he is involved in another court case alongside his former wife.

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