SRI finalises internal inquiry in Coldea case, general found innocent and reinstated. Invoking military dignity and honour, SRI First Deputy Director asks to be discharged

The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) presented on Tuesday new information on the Florian Coldea case. Following an internal inquiry, Coldea was found innocent and reinstated in office, however he asked to be discharged in order not to damage the institution’s image, a SRI press release informs.

SRI has announced that the verifications which started following the revelations made by Sebastian Ghita and the images made public by him have ended and a report has been drafted, clarifying all publicly-discussed aspects concerning Florian Coldea’s activity, “but also other publicly-discussed aspects that have to do with the activities of some members of the Service.”

“We are pointing out that a complex, thorough investigation concerning all the statements seen recently in the mass-media has taken place, the aspects concerned being targeted. The persons verified have offered all their support, have presented the necessary documents and have fully answered all questions. In the conclusion of the report presented at a meeting of SRI’s Executive Bureau, the special commission pointed out that Mr. Coldea’s activity subjected to verifications did not show elements that would represent infringements of the law or of internal regulations currently in force. After the presentation of the report, the Executive Bureau decided to reinstate Lieutenant-General Florian Coldea. At the same meeting, the First Deputy Director asked SRI Director Eduard Hellvig to be discharged and placed at the disposal of the institution after almost 12 years in which he held this office. The First Deputy Director presented reasons that have to do with the military dignity and honour and with the risk of seriously affecting the institution’s activity,” SRI informs.

Consequently, the SRI Director has asked the Romanian President to discharge Florian Coldea, the latter’s prerogatives being taken over by Eduard Hellvig.

The decision comes after SRI announced last week that First Deputy Director Florian Coldea is subjected to verifications, being suspended from office for the duration of the investigations. Coldea held that office for 12 years.

UDMR’s Attila Verestoy, member of the Senate’s SRI Oversight Commission, stated on Tuesday that the decree concerning General Florian Coldea’s discharge has reached the Romanian President.

“Mr. Coldea is discharged, he is not suspended. The decree is at the Romanian President. This is not official information. It’s based on my sources,” Attila Verestory said.

The discharge request reached President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday. President Klaus Iohannis received on Tuesday the request on the discharge of General Florian Coldea.

“We confirm that the President received the request,” President’s Spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolschi pointed out for Agerpres.


Iohannis: I signed two decrees concerning Coldea – his military discharge and release from office


Later on, in the evening, President Klaus Iohannis announced  that he signed the two decrees that regard General Florian Coldea – his military discharge and his release from office, General Coldea becoming a reserve officer.

“It is a good thing that the intelligence services were under discussion these days, their place and role in the national security system,” said Iohannis at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.


Tutuianu: SRI leaders to be heard on January 25 by Parliament Oversight Committee in Coldea case


The Parliamentary Oversight Committee regarding the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) activity will hear the SRI leaders in the January 25 session in relation to Florian Coldea’s case and the budget of this institution, announced on Tuesday, the committee chairman, Adrian Tutuianu.

“We had a discussion and we formulated a notification through which we requested the leaders of SRI to be present on January 25 at 11:00 hrs, in the oversight committee’s room, on account of two topics. Topic number one is related to what is currently going on in the public space – the Coldea case, the second topic is related to the budget of the Services on 2017. We agreed with the SRI leader to come with all the documents related to the two topics,” specified Tutuianu.

The Director of the SRI, the deputy directors and the head of the internal investigation commission of this service, as well as those in charge with the budget problem were invited to the hearings.

Tutuianu said that parliamentarians will receive from the SRI leaders “all the data, the information, including the investigation commission’s report.”

“The SRI commission is entitled to check the lawfulness of this service’s functioning. The fact that Mr. Coldea is today in a different situation doesn’t annul this commission’s right to verify, to clear up to what extent, within the service, certain deeds occurred or not and the incidental legal dispositions were respected. (…) We are interested to the extent of respecting the legal dispositions in SRI’s activity, in relation to the topic that is the object of your preoccupations,” explained Tutuianu.


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