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October 22, 2020

Actor Ion Besoiu dies at 85

Beloved actor Ion Besoiu passed away on Wednesday, at the age of 85. The actor’s death has aggrieved the world of theatre and cinema. Ion Besoiu was born on 11 March 1931, in Sibiu, and dedicated decades of his life to the Romanian world of theatre and film. The actor started his career in 1950, at the age of 19, but became a household name only after appearing in Mircea Muresan’s ‘Toate panzele sus,’ in 1978, acting alongside great actors such as Ilarion Ciobanu and Jean Constantin.

“Ion Besoiu will remain in our memory,” the Head of State pointed out in a message of condolences.

“Actor Ion Besoiu passed away at the age of 85, leaving behind a huge legacy for Romanian theatre and film. His life, fully dedicated to theatre and film, remains an example for young actors, a landmark of artistic performance. Dedicated to his vocation, creator of memorable shows and roles alongside great actors and directors of the golden generation whose member he was, Ion Besoiu will remain in our memory. May God rest his soul!” reads President Klaus Iohannis’s message.

Ion Dichiseanu about Ion Besoiu. “This news caught me off-guard. It’s true we haven’t really communicated lately, he was sick and I wasn’t [as close to him] as I was with Papaiani, God forgive him. I played alongside Papaiani in [his] last show – Amadeus – but it wasn’t so with Besoiu in recent years. We met on various occasions. I last saw him at a meeting organised at Marshal and he was pretty weak. (…) He was hiding it, defying it in a way, but I felt he had an ailment,” Dichiseanu told Agerpres.

In 2001, Ion Besoiu was declared an honorary citizen of Sibiu, his native city. On 19 March 2001, on his 70th birthday, President Ion Iliescu conferred him the Romanian Star Order in Knight Degree, emphasising Besoiu’s contribution to “developing Romanian theatre art through his prestigious and remarkable activity as an actor, theatre director and teacher.”

In 2002, Ion Besoiu received the Romanian Cinematography’s Excellency Award. The actor was executive president of the ‘Old Sibiu. Sibiu – Hermannstadt’ Foundation, an association that helps talented youngster and offers awards to ethnographers.

The actor prepared his burial place several years ago. The tomb is in Bellu Cemetery’s Artists’ Alley, alongside the tomb of his fourth wife and great love Luminita.

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