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December 4, 2021

Hearings on way Ciolos Gov’t carried out positive adjustments set to start

Starting on Wednesday, the Lower Chamber and Senate’s budget commissions will hear the secretaries of state of the previous Government, in order to verify the way in which the two positive budget adjustments were carried out.

“We have established and analysed the way in which we will carry out our activity within the commission of inquiry. We have established a schedule for this week, so that hearings will take place tomorrow at 12 p.m. and the day after tomorrow. We have decided, at the level of the commissions’ bureaus, to start the hearings with the secretaries of state of the European Grants Ministry, ANAF [Romanian Tax Authority] and the Finance Ministry. We must obtain answers to 17 questions, there will probably be supplementary questions too in order to clarify things. We want to carry out a professional analysis, an analysis through which we even want to establish a code of good practices when it comes to the execution of the budget and the observance of the public finances law,” Leonardo Badea, Chairman of the Lower Chamber’s Budget-Finances Commission, said.

He also said that, for the time being, ex-Premier Dacian Ciolos has not been invited at the hearings.

“For the time being we are carrying out an analysis at the level of ministries and at the level of the representatives of the secretaries of state,” Badea added.

In his turn, Viorel Arcas, Chairman of the Senate’s Budget-Finances Commission, explained that the members of the commissions must obtain the data which formed the basis of the Ciolos Government’s decision.

“Those who coordinated took some decisions based on data we must get to know before we get to those persons. (…) After we have all the data, on its basis, we will naturally talk with those who coordinated. It’s a technical job, to see what they relied on when they decided to carry out those positive adjustments,” Arcas stated.

He added that the two commissions will disregard the ex-premier’s Facebook posting.

“We’re not discussing online. We will see his answers the moment the Commission will ask him,” the chairman of the Senate’s commission said.

He was also asked what the members of the two commissions will do if the decision-makers of the previous Government – namely Dacian Ciolos, Cristian Ghinea and Anca Dragu – do not show up at the hearings.

“We will see at that moment. (…) It’s not a commission set up for an inquiry. [These are] the budget commissions which are working normally. I don’t know what the law mandatorily requires, but we believe we can collaborate very well,” Viorel Arcas pointed out.

Likewise, he pointed out that the MPs are not investigating “a hole” in the budget.

“This term, hole in the budget, I don’t know if we have it. We are verifying the way in which the two positive adjustments were made. We’re not talking about holes… We’ll see at the end. (…) If needed, we’ll summon whoever needs to be summoned and whoever has the data,” Viorel Arcas concluded.

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