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June 28, 2022

Ryanair announces a record of bookings for the 2017 Summer Calendar

On Wednesday, January 18, Ryanair announced in a press conference, a record of bookings in advance for the routes that form the Bucharest 2017 Summer Calendar. It includes a new route to Palermo with 3 flights per week, several flights to Brussels, Dublin and Milano, three new summer services to Berlin – 12 flights per week, Bristol – 2 flights per week, and Timisoara – 2 flights per day.

“To celebrate our record of bookings on our routes available in the Bucharest 2017 Summer Calendar, we offer prices from only 9.99 Euros for the trips taking place from February to April, which are available for bookings until Thursday (January 19)” stated Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair Chief Marketing Officer (photo L). Prices are available for destination such as Berlin, Athens, Milano, Rome, Sicily, Madrid, as well as for Timisoara.

Ryanair continues to grow traffic at its new base in Bucharest. Following an investment of USD 300 million, the company allotted 3 aircrafts here and it announces 104 weekly flights on 13 routes, estimating more than 1.9 million clients per year. Implicitly, the air operator thus supports 1,400 working places at the Bucharest Airport. According to the ACI surveys, up to 750 working places associated to the airport activities are supported by each 1 million passengers.

“For Romania, we aim to continue to increase the number of routes, the traffic and tourism in the coming years” Kenny Jacobs also stated.

At the national level, Ryanair operates 23 routes on 4 airports: Timisoara, Bucharest, Oradea and Craiova. For this year, the company relies on a growth of 40 percent of the traffic on the market in our country, and on more than 2.55 million passengers. “With the traffic increase, we also estimate an increase of tourism. Besides, more than 40% of the clients to Romania are foreign people. We’ve made a survey and we’ve noticed that more than 40 percent are tourists” stated Denis Barabas, Ryanair Sales & Marketing Executive CEE (photo R), at the press conference.

Comparing to the previous years, in 2016, Ryanair reported an increase of 10 percent of the number of tourists carried in Romania.

Asked about his opinion on the importance of building an airport in Brasov, Kenny Jacobs stated in the press conference: “It would be ideal to have an airport in Brasov, since people wouldn’t be forced anymore to fly to Bucharest and then drive until there. Some of them wouldn’t do this. As many airports, the better. I would place two airports at the Black Sea, I would have many airports in the ski resorts, I would try to attract city-break tourists in Bucharest and in the other Romanian cities. Budapest and Prague are the best in Europe in this field, attracting tourists who wish to have three-day journeys. But you have the sea, the snow, and these are two great advantages. Besides, prices are much better. A tourist that goes to Prague could say that he’ll never go there because of the prices. Bulgaria doesn’t have anything more beautiful than Romania. So Romanian tourism could be strong if the Government makes fair investments”. Jacobs stated that he expects a sharp increase of the tourism at the European level in Spain and Portugal this year, destinations where tourists who preferred Turkey until now, especially those from the Northern Europe, will go. Also, the tourism in Greece will recover compared to the last years, when tourists were scared of the massive presence of the refugees.

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Ryanair, the most important low-cost airline in Europe, operates today more than 1,800 routes in 33 countries.



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