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January 28, 2022

USR, PNL to table simple motion against Justice Minister

The Save Romania Union (USR) announced on Thursday it will table a simple motion against Justice Minister Florin Iordache (photo), for the ordinances concerning the granting of pardons and amnesty.

“USR will table a simple motion against Justice Minister Florin Iordache. Likewise, USR will forward a memo to the Justice Ministry, the Supreme Magistracy Council and the High Court of Justice’s Prosecutor’s Office, pointing out in it why the two draft emergency ordinances concern the interests of some persons who held or are holding public offices and not the interests of society, which needs the limiting of the corruption phenomenon. USR considers it unacceptable for the Justice Ministry to promote the two draft emergency ordinances which legislate in domains that are fundamental for the rule of law, and considers that the Justice Ministry has failed in its attempt to justify the urgency of the regulation included in the two drafts,” reads an USR communique remitted to Mediafax.

USR invokes law no.546/2002 and the Constitution.

“Both the Constitution and law no.546/2002 establish Parliament as the competent forum for the discussion of aspects concerning the granting of a collective pardon. It’s clear that so far all legislatures considered this clemency overture as falling among the prerogatives of Parliament, the Romanian people’s supreme representative body. Concerning the urgency, the imminence of an ECHR overture does not exist. We point out that PSD held the majority previously too, ever since the dramatic situation in the penitentiaries has been dragging on – to whose improvement USR plans to contribute – and did not see fit to solve it, hypocritically stating now that a hasty solution would be imperative,” USR says.

According to the aforementioned source, there is no justification for the pardoning of criminal fines ordered by courts, for the pardoning of half the sentences received by persons who are 60 years of age or older. Likewise, the political party considers that the granting of pardons should be conditioned, in all cases, by the payment of the damages established through final court decisions, within a period of one year after the persons concerned are released from prison.

“We deem that establishing a deadline for the filing of the denunciation will have particularly serious effects in society, especially in the case of “white-collar” crimes, where there is a specificity and a difficulty in administering evidence, and it will in the end lead to a principle of impunity taking root. We consider one of the worst modifications the one eliminating the ban on holding public office in case the crime of abuse of office was committed. It’s difficult to accept that someone who committed such a crime, while in office, would continue to hold the same office. By introducing a deadline within which the criminal denunciation and, in some cases, the act of apprehension can be filed, the goal is basically the de facto lowering of the statute of limitations for some crimes and impunity for the crimes committed. USR cannot accept such an overture and considers it completely against the principles that should govern a mature society,” the communique adds.


Raluca Turcan: PNL mulls tabling censure motion following judiciary bills


PNL is considering tabling a censure motion, PNL President Raluca Turcan told Mediafax on Thursday, pointing out that PSD’s ordinances in the judicial domain are “attacks on Romania’s European project.”

“PNL is considering tabling a censure motion. We are in the midst of the parliamentary majority’s powerful assault against the idea of law. PSD’s ordinances are attacks on Romania’s European project. They affect the Romanians’ dream of having a European country in which there aren’t two categories of citizens, in which political thievery is not tolerated,” Raluca Turcan told Mediafax.

She argued that “a country as abroad” does not mean solely prosperity but also equality before the law.

“PSD is estranging Romanians from their own country! Who still wants to return to the country when politicians help each other evade justice? It’s a gesture of highway robbery!” Turcan concluded.

The PNL President’s stance comes against the backdrop in which USR announced its intention to table a simple motion against Justice Minister Florin Iordache.

The signatures of at least 50 Lower Chamber lawmakers or a quarter of all Senators (136) are needed to table a simple motion, numbers that USR cannot secure on its own. The censure motion can be tabled by at least a quarter of the total number of lawmakers (465). The Liberals have only 99 lawmakers.

In the Lower Chamber, PSD has 154 seats, UDMR 21, ALDE 20, PNL 69, USR 30 and PMP 18. 17 seats were distributed to the representatives of ethnic minorities. In the Senate, PSD has 67 seats, ALDE 9, UDMR 9, PNL 30, USR 13 and PMP 8.


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