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June 30, 2022

Basescu on pardoning: Honest dialogue between magistrates and politicians, based strictly on European standards, is solution

The chairman of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Traian Basescu, stated that “honest dialogue” between magistrates and politicians, based strictly on European standards and on openness to a functional rule of law, represents the key to solving the situation created regarding the law on pardoning.

“These days a bitter fight has started between magistrates (especially prosecutors) and politicians. Such a battle will lead nowhere, unless maybe to the discrediting of one, the other, or both combatants. What is right is that the Government and Parliament have the constitutional responsibility of criminal policy, while magistrates have the obligation of implementing this policy. At the same time, magistrates are right when they claim the Government’s projects are poorly built and, especially, with someone in mind,” ex-president Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.

He added that “for both parties, the interests are almost transparent.”

“Magistrates want to keep politicians on a leash showing them the cuffs and the doors of jails with hard years of prison, while politicians want to get out of jail a certain political clientele. I understand well the stake of each party: Power,” Basescu said.

The PMP chair claimed that “honest dialogue” represents the solution to the situation created on the topic of law-making in the area of pardoning.

“There is only one solution: Honest dialogue between the two powers, based strictly on European standards, on openness towards a functional rule of law, which starts from the premises that the essence of democracy means respecting fundamental rights, on the one hand, and, on the other, respecting the principle that nobody is above the law. And, in this dispute, one matter must be kept in mind, a matter which supports the law system of civilized democratic states, namely that any person has the right to a second chance (especially if he covers the damages),” Basescu concluded.

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