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October 8, 2022

PNL’s Orban: Blaga and Petrache organized secret meetings to divide the party. Let PNL to choose freely

Ludovic Orban, former Vice President of the National Liberal Party before being charged by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), comes to attack and starts reckoning with those who, in his view, have collapsed the party. Orban spoke about “secret sectarian” meetings that aim to establish the future Liberal president, stating that the former leader of the Liberal Democrat Party (PDL) and PNL Co-President, Vasile Blaga, and the current PNL Secretary General, Marian Petrache, organized various meetings in order to divide the party.

“Vasile Baga and Marian Petrache organized meetings to say whom they support. It’s completely unproductive. The only way to help the party is to convene the statutory bodies, to have an analysis of the results in the elections, to take the necessary measures and to start internal elections” stated the Liberal.

He reiterated that the objective should be to let the basis of the party to elect local, county and national leaders.

“Everything is done in a general confusion, it seems that the leadership is waiting for the members to stop being discontented and to maintain the status quo”, Orban added.

The Liberal asked “to the puppeteers who have collapsed the party” not to uselessly divide and break PNL anymore.

“I see that the puppeteers who have collapsed the party organize secret sectarian meetings to stay in control. You honorable, don’t divide the party in groups. Leave the members of the National Liberal Party, who are equal in rights and obligations, no matter where they come from, to freely choose their leaders. Don’t uselessly break the party, which is in crisis anyway” Orban wrote on Facebook.

Being contacted by MEDIAFAX, the former PDL President Vasile Blaga refused to comment Ludovic Orban’s statements. Asked if an analysis of the result of the elections is necessary, Blaga stated that it is “mandatory”. “Only a person from the party can be party’s President. It’s a statutory provision” Blaga answered, being asked if PNL’s leadership should be taken by somebody from inside the party, or a solution from outside PNL should be considered once again.

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