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December 8, 2021

Varujan Vosganian asks the Finance Minister to perform an assessment of the taxes paid by Iohannis

The MP of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Varujan Vosganian stated on Wednesday that he wrote a letter to the Finance Ministry, asking him to perform an assessment of the taxes paid by Klaus Iohannis, I order to have the confirmation of the President’s statement according to which he bought his houses with money gained from private lessons.

“In the electoral campaign, he stated that he bought a number of buildings with money gained from private lessons. I asked some of my friends who are renowned professors and give private lessons, and they told me it’s impossible to do this using the income from private lessons. (…) I wrote a letter to the Finance Minister, because questions and interpellations until February 1 are not taken into account, theoretically we’re in holiday, and I asked him to make an assessment of the income and taxes paid by Mr. Iohannis, and to confirm us at least the authenticity of this assertion, and not how much money Mr. Iohannis gained, since it’s possible not to be allowed by the law to have this information” ALDE’s MP Varujan Voganian stated.

Varujan Vosganian also referred to the explanation given by Klaus Iohannis, who, when asked how it was possible to buy buildings with money from private lessons, while the other teachers can’t do this, he answered: “Bad luck!”.

“We are glad for this possibility, but I think these statements should be checked. First of all, because we’re speaking about quantifiable revenues, and secondly because any income must be mentioned in a statement of income and it’s subject to the legal tax regime” Varujan Vosganian stated.

The ALDE’s MP declared himself to be surprised that no one, either during the campaign or later, tried to see the income obtained by Klaus Iohannis from private lessons, and who are “the countless children” to whom he gave these private lessons, as well as how renowned the current President was as a physics teacher “who definitely had to exceed the borders of the county to give private lessons to so many children”, according to Varujan Vosganian.

“It seems to me that somebody who pretends to be the apostle of the respect of the law must be the first person with a clear situation” Varujan Vosganian said, reminding Klaus Iohannis’s statements on “the investigated persons” or the tax evasion, “a campaign that was referring to the human rights violation”.

“I would like ANAF Sibiu not to give us an answer like the one gave by the successive Governments related to the Bechtel contract”, ALDE’s MP also stated.

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