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April 16, 2021

Fire ravages club in northern Bucharest; 1 person seriously injured, 37 minor injuries, no deaths. Prosecutors start criminal investigation regarding involuntary destruction

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) has convoked an operative group at the level of the MAI following the Bamboo fire, officials of the ministry stated for Agerpres.

It is composed of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the State Secretaries of the Ministry and the department heads of the MAI.

At the same time, the Health Minister reported being at the command post setup following the incident.

Hospital officials announced that the Bucharest Emergency Hospital has 6 persons still hospitalized following the fire, 3 being in Orthopedics for injuries sustained while exiting the building, two of the persons jumping from windows in their effort to save themselves, and 3 being in Toxicology having sustained smoke inhalation during the fire. Of the three in Toxicology one was intubated but the measure was renounced, the said person remaining in critical condition.

A devastating fire broke out in the Bamboo club in northern Bucharest at around 4:00 AM, ravaging the 3,000 square meter structure and destroying it completely, leaving behind 38 people injured.

At this time, the fire is put out, yet the building is mostly collapsed and firefighters are monitoring the remains of the building in order to prevent it from reigniting.

Of the 38 persons who reached the hospitals, 21 were transported by ambulances, while 17 came with their own means of transport. At this time, there are less than 10 people still hospitalized, the rest presenting minor injuries and being discharged from hospital. One person was severely injured and was intubated, but, at this time, is in better condition and conscious.


Prosecutor office conducting criminal investigation regarding involuntary destruction


The Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Tribunal is conducting a criminal investigation regarding the crime of involuntary destruction (resulting in the injury of several persons), following the fire that took place on the night between Friday and Saturday in the Bamboo Club fire.

“The investigations are conducted by two criminologist prosecutors of the Criminal Investigation Unit and police officers of the Homicide Service. In the case, the perimeter of interest was established and investigation at the scene was initiated. The continuation of this activity is influenced by the fact that the fire was not fully extinguished until now, as well as by the fact that the danger of structural collapse was not removed,” the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Tribunal mentions in a release remitted on Saturday to AGERPRES.

According to the quoted source, the relevant institutions are requested to send all documentation regarding the club (functioning authorizations, notices, control reports).

“At the moment, hearings are conducted in view of establishing the circumstances in which the fire took place and the status of the persons admitted to hospital following the fire is being checked,” the release also shows.


President Iohannis: Until we understand the law is one for all, society will be in danger


President Klaus Iohannis states in regards to the Bamboo Club fire that it seems rules and laws were broken, adding that, until there is an understanding that the law is one for all, society will always be in danger.

“In the Bucharest club fire thankfully nobody has lost their life. We have, however, passed close to another massive tragedy. Rules and laws were, it seems, broken again. Until we understand once and for all that the law is the same for all, society will always be in danger,” the head of state wrote on Facebook.

He wished fast recovery to the wounded and bid thanks to the rescuers.


Bucharest Mayor Firea: If a club doesn’t have an functioning permit, it should be closed


The Bucharest City General Mayor, Gabriela Firea, stated on Saturday that in case a club doesn’t have a functioning permit from the District Mayoralty of the district they are in, they should be closed.

“Fire at a club in the Capital! There are no victims, thank God! I have alerted all relevant authorities. From my point of view, in case a club doesn’t have a functioning permit from the District Mayoralty of the district they are in, as the law specifies, it must be closed. Only then will everybody understand that the laws must be respected and that nobody plays with human lives,” said the Mayor on Facebook.

Bucharest 2nd District Mayor, Mihai Mugur Toader, stated on Saturday that, in the second half of last year, Bamboo Club was fined by the District Mayoralty, yet the institution has the responsibility to issue authorization only for the public food service activity.

“At this time, after they were fined, they submitted the documentation to obtain that authorization, but it is incomplete at the moment and they were told to make the necessary additions. They were fined in the second part of last year. From what I understand, they have the documentation for fire safety authorization, they have the scenario in case of fire developed, the plan and all that’s necessary,” the Mayor mentioned for AGERPRES.

Earlier, a 2nd District Deputy Mayor, Dan Cristian Popescu, had said that the club had incomplete documentation.


Israeli Embassy representatives: Approximately 15 Israeli citizens – affected by Bamboo Fire


Approximately 15 Israeli citizens were affected by the fire that took place in the Bucharest Bamboo Club on the night between Friday and Saturday, a large part of them being admitted to hospitals in the capital with minor smoke inhalations or hypothermia, said, for AGERPRES, representatives of the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest.

A part of those admitted to hospital already left the hospitals, with the rest of the Israeli citizens to be discharged on Saturday, the quoted source mentioned.

The victims of the fire were admitted to the Floreasca, Pantelimon, Elias and University Hospitals.

Representatives of the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest emphasize that none of the mentioned Israeli citizens requested consular assistance.


ISU Bucuresti-Ilfov: Fire safety certificate for Bamboo was issued in 2009


Representatives of the Bucharest Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU Bucharest) mentioned on Saturday that the fire safety certificate for Bamboo was issued in 2009, upon the request of the administrators of the Bucharest club.

“Until this moment our institution was not requested to issue a fire safety authorization, an administrative paper that is mandated by legal provisions to be obtained until the end of June 2017.

In order to check the defence against fire rules and ensure a climate of safety for occupants, prevention inspectors ran periodic checks and applied fines for identified irregularities: On May 25, 2015 – two fines, worth 5,500 lei, for improper exploitation of the electrical system and lack of fire safety certificate; November 13-20, 2015, 2 fines worth 15,000 lei for improper exploitation of the electrical system and lack of fire safety certificate; November 2016 – fine worth 2,500 lei for blocking access ways,” ISU Bucharest mentions.

According to the law, the functioning of a business with no fire safety certificate is done on the exclusive responsibility of the beneficiary, the beneficiary having the obligation to obtain this document until the end of June 2017.

The spokesperson of ISU Bucuresti, Daniel Vasile, mentioned that until the end of June 2017 the lack of fire safety certificate is noted by prevention inspectors running control actions, but, according to a Government decision, the lack of this authorization is not penalised.

Daniel Vasile added that the deficiencies noted by firemen during controls were not in the category of those which could’ve determined the closure and suspension of activity of the club.


MAI spokesperson: At 17:00hrs five persons still in hospital


Five persons were still in hospital on Saturday, at 17:00 hrs, following the Bamboo Club fire, four of them at Floreasca Hospital and one at St. Pantelimon Hospital, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), Monica Dajbog, announced in a press statement.

“This morning, around 3:30 hrs, a fire broke out in a well-known Bucharest club – Bamboo – the Code Red for intervention activating. In two to three minutes, police crews arrived at the scene. Following the Bamboo Club fire, starting with 3:47 hrs, 44 persons were transported by ambulance to or reached on their own hospitals as follows: 24 persons at the Floreasca Clinical Emergency Hospital, six each at Elias Emergency Hospital and the University Emergency Hospital, five at the St. Pantelimon Clinical Emergency Hospital and three at the Colentina Emergency Hospital. At 17:00 hrs, the hospital units registered only five persons under care, as such: four persons at Floreasca Hospital and one person at St. Pantelimon Emergency Hospital. The victims transported to the medical units suffered mainly of smoke inhalation, hypothermia and bruising,” Dajbog explained.

She added that all the measures were coordinated through the National Center for Integrated Management, which functions at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and which was immediately completed with representatives of the Health Ministry and the main structures of the MAI with relevant attributions.

“Ever since this morning, present at the MAI headquarters was Ms. Sevil Shhaideh, designated through the decision of Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu to exercise the attributions of the Prime Minister regarding the operative management of Government activities between January 18-22. The intervention activities were coordinated by the Minister of Interlan Affairs, Carmen Dan, together with Health Minister Florian Bodog, State Secretary Raed Arafat, Government General Secretary Mihai Busuioc, and the heads of other structures with competence in emergency situations intervention. The top priority of the MAI was and is saving the lives of those involved in the terrible incident,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson mentioned.


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