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September 29, 2020

Bamboo fire: Our data at this moment confirms fire was intentionally placed, says lawyer Dancu. Investigators deny criminal involvement

Lawyer Catalin Dancu, representing the owners of the Bamboo Club, stated on Sunday, at the Bucharest Police headquarters, that the data they have at this moment confirms that the fire was intentionally placed.

“I have explained the position of the administrator on how the events took place on that evening. Prosecutors were also briefed on the protection and evacuation measures taken for the persons in the club. Our data at this moment, from the existing witnesses, confirms that the fire was intentionally placed. We will observe and the prosecutors will check the persons in the area of the former fitness hall of the club. Until 3:00 hrs there were no data. Persons unknown to the club in this area were identified,” said the attorney.

He also mentioned that over 700 persons were in the Bamboo Club at the time of the fire breaking out and they were evacuated in secure conditions in less than six minutes.

“Everything consisting in the support given by employees, who were instructed and specialized in fighting against fire from inside and in using the extinguishers, everything was made in a perfect cooperation. Besides, it was fair to be said that more than 700 people were in the club, and they have been evacuated safely in less than 6 minutes, because everybody obeyed the instructions of the staff” claimed the lawyer of the owners of the Bamboo Club.

Asked if when he claims that the fire was placed, he relies on the existence of images from the surveillance cameras, Catalin Dancu stated that this thing is required by prosecutors.

“This is what the prosecutors are asking now.  We’ve also provided information related to person who we, as the working team, appreciate to be from unknown to the club. Another event was held in the ballroom near the club, where the fitness hall was. All the data lead to that direction for the start of the fire. (…) We have data because there are witnesses, employees of the club, who announced the managers that unknown people are in that area where, normally, they shouldn’t be. It’s a warehouse area, a deserted area, a fitness hall was there. Now it’s not functioning anymore” he explained.

The lawyer added that the waiters believe that those unknown persons came from the hall where the other event was taking place.

On the other hand, he said that no assertion made in the public space related to the fact that the fire was started because of smoking in the club is true.

“All the employees intervened and the persons, the clients who were smoking, were forced to extinguish their cigarettes or were evacuated. Bamboo Club holds a private place where you can smoke according to the standards. So no one needed to smoke in the club” Dancu stated.


Investigator: There’s no clue about a criminal hand in the case of the fire at Bamboo


Investigators claim that they have no clues about a criminal hand who caused the fire at the Bamboo Club in Bucharest.

“There’s no clue about a criminal hand, as it was circulated. The investigation is not started yet regarding the structure, the place from where the fire started and how it spread. After these things will be completed, we will analyze the best working hypotheses and the main version of what happened” stated the head of the Homicide Department of the Bucharest Poice, Radu Gavris, who was at the scene on Sunday, with the prosecutor of the Prosecutor Office attached to the Bucharest Court, Mihai Pruna.

The mention made by the investigators comes after the fashion designer Catalin Botezatu, former shareholder of the company operating the Bamboo Club, stated on Saturday that “the fire could be placed by somebody”, since the club had “enemies”.

“The situation of the patients is pretty clear to us. Many of the medical documents drawn up in hospitals were requested and obtained. We have requested and obtained yesterday, documents from the 2nd District City Hall, the 2nd District Local Police, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and from the medical units where patients have been presented or hospitalized. All these documents have to be evaluated before being able to present an information that would have the nature of a certainty” Gavris stated.

Hearings will continue in the next days in this case; the owner of the club will be also summoned.


INSEMEX Petrosani to carry out examination at Bucharest nightclub


Firefighters have not yet declared the fire that gutted the Bamboo nightclub in Bucharest completely extinguished, prosecutor Mihai Pruna, member of the Bucharest Court Prosecutor’s Office, stated on Sunday. The Petrosani-based National Research and Development Institute for Mining Security and Anti-Explosives Protection (INSEMEX) will carry out an examination at the Bamboo nightclub, as part of the investigation into the causes of the fire.

“We will be called when the fire is put out. I believe this will happen later next week. We will send a team there,” INSEMEX Director General Artur George Gaman told Agerpres on Sunday.

For the time being, he was unable to comment on the cause of the fire, pointing out that the experts will establish it after carrying out their special verifications.

Four patients still at Floreasca Hospital; patient under special supervision in stable condition

Four patients who required medical care following the fire that gutted the Bamboo Club on Saturday morning are still at the Floreasca Emergency Hospital, M.D. Bogdan Oprita, spokesperson of the medical unit, told AGERPRES on Sunday.

According to him, the patient that required special medical care is in stable condition.

“She is stable, still in the Intensive Care Unit,” the physician mentioned.

The patient who required medical care and who was admitted to St. Pantelimon hospital could be discharged on Sunday, Fiorella Nitoiu, the spokesperson of that medical unit, told Agerpres.

Five persons were still in hospital on Saturday following the Bamboo Club fire, four of them at Floreasca Hospital and one at St. Pantelimon Hospital, according to data provided by Internal Affairs Ministry (MAI) spokesperson Monica Dajbog.

A large fire broke out on Saturday morning, at the Bamboo club from Bucharest, around 3:30 am. When the fire started, there were over 500 people in the club. According to an interim report, 44 people, including foreigners, have come to the hospitals in Bucharest for investigations, only 5 persons remaining hospitalized until the afternoon. The representatives of the 2nd District City Hall claimed that Bamboo didn’t have an operation permit.

Fortunately, the event didn’t turn into a tragedy, in terms of victims, but the general public – still remembering the tragedy at “Colectiv” – found out something shocking: a club can organize events in Romania “by its own responsibility”, even if it doesn’t have an operation permit!

Firefighters have activated Red Plan for intervention, but their intervention was extremely hard to be performed, since the initial access of the firefighters was hampered by the fact that the street was blocked by taxis and cars.

“This morning, around 3:30 hrs, a fire broke out in a well-known Bucharest club – Bamboo – the Code Red for intervention activating. In two to three minutes, police crews arrived at the scene. Following the Bamboo Club fire, starting with 3:47 hrs, 44 persons were transported by ambulance to or reached on their own hospitals as follows: 24 persons at the Floreasca Clinical Emergency Hospital, six each at Elias Emergency Hospital and the University Emergency Hospital, five at the St. Pantelimon Clinical Emergency Hospital and three at the Colentina Emergency Hospital. At 17:00 hrs, the hospital units registered only five persons under care, as such: four persons at Floreasca Hospital and one person at St. Pantelimon Emergency Hospital. The victims transported to the medical units suffered mainly of smoke inhalation, hypothermia and bruising,” the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), Monica Dajbog, announced in a press statement on Saturday.


IGSU: Controls in 162 clubs in the country; 118 fines worth over 200,000 lei issued


More than 160 nightclubs were checked throughout the country over the weekend by joint teams consisting of firemen and representatives of structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), 118 fines worth over 200,000 lei being issued, a release of the Civil Contingencies General Inspectorate (IGSU) remitted on Sunday to Agerpres informs.

“To ensure the continuity of preventive actions, following the order issued by Interior Minister Carmen Daniela Dan, during this night, firemen, together with representatives of the MAI structures, assembled as joint teams, ran controls and checks at buildings that host activities with numerous people in attendance,” IGSU mentions.

According to the quoted source, between Saturday and Sunday, 162 control actions targeted nightclubs and discos, 118 fines worth a total of 203,000 lei being issued for fire protection irregularities.

The controls discovered one grave fire safety offence at an economic operator in Branesti, Gorj County. The number of people in attendance was exceeding its maximum capacity by more than 10 percent. Firemen shut down its activity, in accordance with provisions.

Simultaneously with the fire protection controls, firemen that were part of the intervention subunits conducted 171 reconnaissance actions around the locations concerned, so that the best ingress routes in case of fire could be established.

The last nationwide large-scale preventive action targeting nightclubs and discos took place on November 11th and November 12th last year. During those two days, 448 economic operators were checked, 405 fines worth over 788,000 lei were issued and two nightclubs in Brasov were closed because the number of people in attendance was exceeding their maximum capacity.









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