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May 16, 2022

Alina Gorghiu: I have no intention to run for the PNL congress

Senator of the Liberal National Party (PNL) Alina Gorghiu stated on Friday in a press conference held at Timisoara that she has no intention to run for the PNL congress, but she’ll support any team takin into account certain principles.

Gorghiu stated that it’s important that the internal elections take place from bottom up.

“On January 26, a political committee will propose a schedule to the National Political Bureau, mentioning the actions to be performed. It is important to me that these elections take place from bottom up. It is important for the legitimacy of those who will participate to this convention, it is important for the party’s morale that every member, from the first organization to the last one, have the possibility to express his opinion related to the party’s leadership, to the direction in which PNL has to go” Alina Gorghiu stated, according to Mediafax.

Former PNL President added that she supports a partnership with the technocrats, as well as the right wing’s reunification.

“I believe we should have no inhibition to continue speaking about a partnership with the technocrats, even if this notion has become tarnished somehow lately. (…) I believe it’s necessary that those who will lead the party assume a very important political project, namely the right wing’s reunification. This is a project that I will definitely support. Also, those who will lead PNL will have to clarify the party’s positioning on major subjects like the Constitution, the business environment in Romania and the judiciary. These are subjects that we’ll seriously consider in the following period” Alina Gorghiu stated.

She added that she has “no intention to run for this congress”, but she will support any team that will take into account the exposed principles.

“The National Convention will be probably held in June, and we will have a legitimate leadership”, Gorghiu concluded.


The former PDL wants the Congress in March, while the former PNL wants it in May, June / Blaga wants elections from bottom up and Congress


On the other hand, PNL sources stated for Mediafax that Liberals are not agreed yet on the manner of performing the internal elections. According to these sources, former PDL leader Vasile Blaga wants elections from bottom up and the Congress to be held in March, while the old PNL wing wants exactly the opposite.

“Vasile Blaga wants elections from bottom up and the Congress to be held in March, while the former PNL wants elections at the bottom starting with February and the Congress to be held in May-June”, PNL sources stated for MEDIAFAX.

The meeting convened by Vasile Blaga in Ogrezeni, Giurgiu, was seen by the members of the former PDL as a “welcome intervention for the party’s reconstruction”. Although it’s too early to speak about shaping the future leader that the former PDL wing will support, party sources say that Blaga could support Catalin Predoiu.

Although Raluca Turcan didn’t officially announce her intention to run for the party’s leadership at the Convention, Liberal sources claim that the battle for the party’s leadership inside the former PDL is between the current interim leader and Catalin Predoiu, but there is a possibility that the Democrat Liberals are “silently” preparing a different candidate for the Convention.

On the other hand, at the meeting convened by the current Secretary General Marian Petrache, the former PNL wing has decided that it’s important to have a single candidate at the Convention.

By now, Ludovic Orban and Ovidiu Raetchi announced their intention to run, Dan Motreanu’s return being also circulated, if he will solve hi legal problems.

When Petrache and Turcan took the leader positions, it was established that none of them will run for the PNL President, but there wasn’t a vote in this respect, moreover, Raluca Turcan was against this condition.

Liberal sources claim that “it would be normal” that none of them will run.

Raluca Turcan announced that late in January she will have a meeting with the presidents of the organizations to discuss about the schedule of the Convention where the party should elect a new leadership.

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