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December 3, 2022

PSD’s Dragnea: I find Romania’s President ahead of a new Mineriad, it’s a beginning of a coup d’etat. I won’t allow President Iohannis to overthrow the constitutional order

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea wrote on Sunday evening, on his Facebook page that, upon returning from the US, he found Romania’s President “heading a new Mineriad”, “an unauthorized protest against the constitutional order” and he labeled these protests as “a beginning of a coup d’etat.”

“I have returned from the swearing-in ceremony of the US President and I have found Romania’s President heading a new Mineriad, an unauthorized protest, against the Government of Romania, against the constitutional order and against the popular vote on 11 December, sabotaging the legality that lies at the base of the rule of law. Today, the President placed himself outside the law, targeting personal political advantages and demanding constitutional aberrations, such as: some ordinances to be withdrawn, especially some ordinances that weren’t even issued,” Dragnea stated.

According to him, the events in the past days represent a beginning of “a coup d’etat.”

“It’s a beginning of a coup d’etat. Actually, President Iohannis wants, just like former President Basescu wanted, to put in cuffs the power legitimated through the democratic vote. He wants Romania to still be led by institutions without democratic legitimacy, through terror so that Romanians can be prisoners of some unelected powers. I have stated in the campaign that I want Romanians to live freely in their country, without fear of being listened, followed, harassed, blackmailed and aggrieved. I won’t take my words back. I support the actions against corruption, but actions against the true corruption,” the PSD leader stated.

He announced that he requested on Sunday evening the Interior Minister to pull back the gendarmes from the PSD headquarters, where thousands of protesters gathered.

“I believe that the PSD doesn’t have any reasons to be defended. The PSD is defended by its political ideas, by its governance programme and by the popular support. I assure Romanians that I won’t allow President Iohannis to overthrow the constitutional order, to usurp the official qualities by entering abusively in the Government meetings or to incite to social riot and violence. I want the governance programme to be fully enforced. Beyond the selfish political game of President Iohannis, Romanian’s lives need wellbeing and safety,” the Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber underlined.


Protest in central Bucharest ends at PSD headquarters


Over ten thousand people have protested on Sunday evening, in Bucharest against the adoption of some draft emergency ordinances regarding the pardon of some sentences and against the amendments that may be brought to Criminal Codes. They marched on Kiseleff boulevard, heading towards the Social Democratic Party (PSD) headquarters, while chanting anti-Government slogans.

The protesters gathered first in the University Square and then they marched towards the Victoria Square.

The gendarmes mentioned for AGERPRES that during the protests no incidents occurred, but a gendarme was hit by a person who wasn’t involved in the protest.

According to Spokesman of the Romanian Gendarmerie Georgian Enache, the incident took place in the University Square after the protesters headed towards the Victoria Square, namely towards the Government headquarters.

From the Victoria Square, the protesters marched to the PSD headquarters, where the demonstration took place without incidents.

After 21:00, protesters started to leave the area in front of the PSD seat.


President Iohannis: I came to show indignation; group of politicians wants to weaken rule of law


President Klaus Iohannis has joined, on Sunday evening, the protest in University Square, where several thousand persons were protesting against the potential amendment of the criminal legislation.

The Head of the State stated that he came to University Square to show his indignation that “a group of politicians” wants to change legislation and weaken the rule of law.

“I have come here to University Square, as thousands other Romanians, to show my indignation. A group of politicians with problems in justice want to change legislation in Romania, they want to weaken the rule of law, something like that cannot be admitted. It’s unacceptable for legislation to change and tens and hundreds of politicians having problems with the law find themselves with clean sheets and continue their wrongdoing. Romanians are rightfully indignant,” the head of state said.


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