The Romanian woman and her two children rescued from the hotel engulfed by the avalanche in Italy, could be discharged from hospital on Monday

The Romanian woman and her two children rescued from the hotel engulfed by the avalanche in Italy feel good and they could be discharged from hospital on Monday, Italian medical sources announced on Sunday.

On Saturday, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) issued a press release informing that the Italian authorities confirmed that the third minor Romanian citizen has been identified.

“He is alive and is currently under medical care at the Pescara hospital. The representatives of the medical unit confirmed that the health of the three Romanian citizens is good and they are out of any danger” showed the MAE press release.

On Friday, in another press release, MAE was informing that “two Romanian citizens, an adult and a minor, indicated as disappeared after the avalanche that hit a hotel in the Farindola locality, in the Abruzzo region, have been identified, and they are alive”.

After almost 50 hours of timed searches, the Romanian woman Adriana Vranceanu and her children have been taken alive out of the ruins of the hotel destroyed by the avalanche.

There were moments of joy and acclaim when the survivors were taken out of the building buried in snow. But 23 persons are still missing.

Adriana’s six years old daughter, Ludovica, and her two years older brother, are two of the four children rescued so far from the hotel engulfed by snow after the avalanche of Wednesday. The Romanian woman and her children are now in a hospital in Pescara, where survivors are under care. Out of them, a patient with a fractured arm had a surgery.

Doctor: “The health of the patient operated on Saturday morning is quite good, and the vital parameters are monitored. The other patients are very good. On Monday, we will discuss about a possible discharge, except the operated patient.”

Meanwhile, survivors have been visited by Quintino Marcella, the owner of a restaurant, the first who sounded the alarm after the Rigopiano hotel has been engulfed by the avalanche. He received a phone-call from his chef, Gianpiero Parete, Adraiana’s husband. He wasn’t in the hotel when the waves of snow overflowed. He was gone out to his car, to look for some pills.

Quintino Marcella: “Physically, they seem to be ok. But I guess inside them, they feel a lot of bitterness. Consequences remain for sure after going through such a thing. They were in a cold dark room, without having anything to eat or drink”.

According to the rescuers, people found a shelter under a piece of the fallen roof, and the snow around them formed a sort of igloo that protected them. Secondly, they managed to light a fire from some leftovers and to warm up.

Doctor: “They had warm clothes, ski clothes who warmed them. They didn’t have direct contact with the snow. That helped us not to have acute cases of hypothermia”.

On Saturday evening, the Italian Civil Protection presented the latest report of the search and rescue operations. “There are 11 survivors, out of which two were found in the car, in the front of the hotel, and five dead persons. Other 23 persons are missing. The operations are very difficult because of the place where we intervene, where the balance is precarious. For this reason, we cannot use machinery and heavy equipment.”


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