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October 1, 2020

Little Union, marked across the country by military ceremonies and wreaths. 10,000 people joined “Hora Unirii” at Iasi

On January 24, 158 years since the Little Union have been celebrated, a moment that was marked at Iasi, as usually, by Hora Unirii, where 10,000 people joined in this year. But the President and the PM weren’t there, contrary to the ceremonies of the previous years.

Hora Unirii was the culmination of the festive events of Tuesday from Iasi. Along with ordinary people, the only high officials who joined in it were the Defense minister, the Culture Minister and a presidential counselor, together with the officials of the city.

President Klaus Iohannis left the country, while PM Sorin Grindeanu and PSD leader Liviu Dragnea didn’t answer to the Municipality’s invitation, being busy with arranging in Bucharest the last details of the state budget for 2017, which has to be submitted to the Parliament on January 25.

Events that took place in the Union Square included wreaths at the statue of the Ruling Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, a military parade and speeches, as well as a Te Deum at the Ruling Prince’s grave from the Trei Ierarhi Church.

Then, people received 5,000 pies. The celebration ended in the evening with the military ceremonial of withdrawal with torches, in the downtown.


People from Iasi who participated to the Union Day booed when Klaus Iohannis’s name was mentioned


According to news.ro, several people who participated to the Union Day events from Iasi booed when the presidential counselor Ion Oprisor read the message of the President Klaus Iohannis, as well as when a wreath was laid from the Presidential Administration at the statue of the Ruling Prince A. I. Cuza.

Booing was heard at the end of reading the speech, as well as when the representatives of the Presidential Administration laid a wreath at the statue of the Ruling Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

The Iasi Mayor, Mihai Chirica, conveyed in his message on the occasion of the Union Day, that Romanians are divided. “We are divided, and this is not our path. We have to make a hora of tolerance and a hora of the union. Political speech doesn’t have a place here, we have to focus on working, to forget things that keep us away”.

The Iasi Municipality has allocated RON 100,000 for organizing the events for the Day of the Union of the Romanian Principalities.


Military ceremonies in Bucharest and in all the garrisons where there are monuments dedicated to the Union of the Principalities


In Bucharest, the National Defense Ministry organized military and religious ceremonies dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Union of the Romanian Principalities. The National Defense Minister, Gabriel-Beniamin Les, has been present to the events in Iasi and Focsani.

In Bucharest, wreaths and garlands of flowers have been laid to the statue of the Ruling Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, on the Romanian Patriarchate Hill.

A military and religious ceremony, an artistic and evocative moment and the parade of the Honor Guard consisting in soldiers of the 30 Guard Brigade “Mihai Viteazul”, were held in Focsani, in the Union Square.

Similar ceremonies, as well as scientific sessions, galas of documentaries, exhibitions and cultural and artistic performances have been organized in the garrisons where there are monuments dedicated to the union of the Romanian Principalities.

On Tuesday, Little Union has been also celebrated in other cities in the country.

In Cluj, the military ceremony was impressive. The soldiers of the 4th infantry Division “Gemina”, together with the gendarmes and the firefighters, laid wreaths at the monument of the Ruling prince Alexandru loan Cuza.

“I celebrate it with the greatest pleasure, with a fantastic love. I always like very much to come in the middle of the crowd to see what’s happening” stated a woman, who proudly put her tricolor flag on her chest, like other participants.

In the Union Square from Cluj, popular music concerts and fireworks in the evening have been also scheduled.

In Galati, more than 20 sportsmen joined the Romanians over the Prut by… running. The marathoners ran a distance of 21 kilometers, between Galati and Giurgiulesti customs, at the border between Romania and Republic of Moldova. The athletes told that they want to create a tradition by such competitions, and they decided to meet next year too, also on the occasion of the Little Union.


President Iohannis: Politicians have to offer European vision, determination, commitment, responsibility to the nation


Romanian politicians have the duty to offer the nation a European vision, determination, commitment and responsibility, says the message by President Klaus Iohannis, read in northeastern Iasi by presidential counselor Ioan Oprisor on Union Day.

The head of state asserted in his message that the direction and values of the 1859 generation are still “inspiring” today.

“To our political class, the process has started more than one century and a half ago and it stays inspiring even today in what regards its direction and values. (…) The example of the 1848 generation and the realization of the Union of Romanian Principalities, the example of the exceptional moment of the achievement of the national unity in 1918, as well as the freedom won through blood in the year the Berlin Wall fell, prove that achieving national ideals could not be split by the European political processes,” says Iohannis in the above-mentioned message.

The President added that “during the past 150 years, Romania looked to Europe in order to find support for our justice and fellowship, unity and freedom aspirations.”

“By celebrating the Union of Principalities and in the traditional Hora of Unity I also notice the symbol of a Romanian commitment for the strengthening of the European project based on the everlasting values of humanism and tolerance, pluralist democracy and the rule of law. For all this, I call you, dear Romanian citizens, as the today’s hymn says, to revolve the brotherhood Hora on Romania’s land,” added Klaus Iohannis in his message.


PSD’s Dragnea: 158 years ago, Romanians left aside political fights for Union common goal


The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, ruling), Liviu Dragnea on Tuesday said in a message on the Day of Union of Principalities that 158 years ago, the Romanians of Moldova and Wallachia have left aside the political fights, the misunderstandings and the personal or of group interests, which allowed the common goal to become reality: the Union.

“158 years ago, the Romanians in Moldova and Wallachia were leaving aside the political fights, the personal or of group misunderstandings and interests for a common goal: the Union. The Union of Principalities was the first step to the making of the Romanian unitary national state. I wish in 2017 we all have the maturity to follow a common goal: wealth, dignity and the place we deserve among the nations of the world,” wrote Dragnea in the message he posted on his Facebook page.


MAE: Romanian diplomacy celebrates yearly the principles that made Romanian Principalities Union Day possible


The Romanian diplomacy every year celebrates with gratitude the unity of thought and sentiment, the national spirit, the manifest dedication in the service of creation and consolidation of a strong state, internationally recognized, principles that made possible the union of the Romanian Principalities through the double election of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Moldova and Wallachia, a message sent by the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) reads on the occasion of the Union Day.

MAE adds in the release issued on Tuesday that we celebrate 158 years since the Union of the Romanian Principalities, “a reference moment of the national history, the plunge to fathering the Romanian unitary national state.”

“The sustained European path of the Romanian nation to getting independence and carrying out the Romanian unitary national modern state has led Romania to its today’s status, of recognized, appreciated partner within the European Union and NATO, of regional, European stability pillar. The achievement of these ideals has started with the Little Union, a moment of absolute greatness, through the deep changes it has determined and the symbolic value it holds in the souls of Romanians,” the release says.

The taking over of the rotating Presidency of the Council of Europe in January 2019, in the context of the 160th anniversary of the Union of Romanian Principalities “puts in harmony the current action and the great achievements of the Romanians history, by keeping alive this spirit of unity to accomplishing the national ideals,” the quoted source concludes.


Dacian Ciolos: Political leaders are not there to fight for personal interests or privileges


Former PM Dacian Ciolos conveyed to the politicians that they are not in office to fight for their own interests or to provide privileges to their clients. Cuza’s oka must applied even now, he wrote in a message posted on Facebook on the occasion of the Day of the Union of the Principalities.

“Political leaders have the privilege to contribute with modesty and dedication to the consolidation of the community, strengthening its values and principles by their own example, by works, by ideas. They are not there to fight for personal interests or to provide privileges to their clients. The temporary office they have, the trust of the people, cannot be used as a shield against the law.

Pride of a nation doesn’t have anything to do with vanity, but with dignity, with promoting values and principles that define us. Relied on truth and respect for ourselves, dignity is hard to win, resisting to the compromises that can affect its foundations.

We cannot defend and promote the fundamental rights and freedoms as long as there are different unit measures. Cuza’s oka must be applied even now, including for values which cannot be materially measured, but which are much more precious and difficult to defend.

On the Day of the Union of the Principalities, I wish to all of us to be proud, to be tolerant with the differences between us, not to turn the confrontations of ideas into hatred, to keep alive those things that connect us!

I invite you to believe that this country is more than a sum of individualities, that its values cannot be reduced to the smallest common denominator, that its future and our future as a nation are incomparably more important than the political or partisan interests of the moment.

Long live Romania!” Ciolos wrote on Facebook.






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