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August 18, 2022

Son of businessman Dan Adamescu, after his father’s death: Deadly blow to my father

Alexander Adamescu, the son of the businessman Dan Adamescu (photo), who died on Tuesday morning, stated in an open letter, that “the deadly blow” was given to his father, imprisoned after the sentence of June 5, 2014, by the bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus, “with which he was contaminated in the inhuman conditions from the prison”.

“On January 24, right after midnight, Dan Adamescu, aged 68, died in a hospital in Bucharest, without having his family close to him. Sentenced on June 5, 2014 following a trial that relied on false testimonies, he was consecutively imprisoned in 3 penitentiaries, where his health status became increasingly serious. Hospitalized in his last months of his life – which he spent being intubated and in semi-inducted coma – the 15 diseases he had made his body become more and more weak, and the deadly blow was given by the pathogenic bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus, with which he was contaminated in the inhuman conditions from the prison” Alexander Adamescu states.

He mentions that his father went through difficult moments in the penitentiaries where he was imprisoned, given his health status.

“Jailed in unspeakable conditions in the Remand Center – 6 to 8 detainees in a cell of a few sq. m. at the basement, without closets, without room to move, with Turkish toilet – and not once, because of the atrophied muscles and of his ill knee, he felt I his own excrements – jailed for 23 of 24 hours – because he was allowed to go out for 1 hour, in the 30 sq. m. called “outdoor” (actually, a closed room of approx. 30 sq. m., having grids instead of the ceiling, extremely dirty) – he was moved later to the Rahova Penitentiary, where he shared a cell with 6 detainees, but because of his sharpened health status and of his inability to move, he remained permanently blocked in the cell. Besides, for some bureaucratic reason, the treatment that he needed desperately wasn’t administered for 37 days, although medicines have been brought by my aunt, and his life was in real danger. Moving him to the Jilava Penitentiary was a new ordeal for my father… so he went from here to the Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital, directly in syncope; only after 10 days of medical care his vital functions have been restored, following a serious infection spread throughout his body” says Alexander Adamescu in the letter.

He also states that his father believed until the end that he will be acquitted. “He believed until the end in justice. He was sure that he will be acquitted, because he couldn’t conceive that somebody can be sentenced without evidence in a state of law. Unfortunately, he died losing his trust in Romania and his appetite for life. He was left by his beloved wife in the most difficult moments, and thus she proved that she was keen strictly on his money. The company he raised for 15 years, Astra Asigurari, was bankrupted by people who then accused him for the consequences of their actions. Today, all his companies are about to be nationalized as a result of these injustices. And I am on the black list. It was too much even for the fighter Dan Adamescu!” added Alexander Adamescu in the letter.


Businessman Dan Adamescu dies in prison at 68


Businessman Dan Adamescu has passed away on Monday night in a hospital unit outside Jilava Penitentiary, prisons’ inspector Carmen Utoiu told Agerpres. Dan Adamescu was 68.

“It is not a public interest information (the medical unit Adamescu was hospitalized – editor’s note), I could not tell you such data, and those related to the health state and diagnostic of the person in case, are confidential, too, in accordance with the Patient Law,” said Utoiu.

She added that the businessman had been transferred to the Bucharest private medical unit in September 2016.

Dan Adamescu had been sentenced to four years and four months imprisonment in a corruption case regarding favorable solutions in insolvency cases, and on 21 December a court of law had rejected his application for conditional release. Decision was final.

“He’s not among us anymore. He passed away on the Union Day. It was a torture. That’s what it was. A torture. Bearing the signature of the judges and prosecutors. A torture. He passed away in the famous hospital. All the judges who signed his sentence. All those who didn’t see at least the medical documents. The conditions in prison, everybody, the entire system, took a man and tortured him. He was simply tortured in prison, in the hospital, and he couldn’t fight anymore. He went to have a knee surgery, he asked to be released, he executed one third of his sentence, everybody said that his health condition is very serious, that he has to go home, that he cannot stay there anymore, we requested house arrest, anything to let him live” stated Adriana Constantinescu, the businessman’s daughter-in-law, for Romania TV.


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