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February 3, 2023

eMAG supports the local small producers through the platform “Deschide Romania”

eMAG has launched the program “Deschide Romania”, providing the small producers in our country with the opportunity to promote themselves on the largest Romanian online sales channel, by listing the products in the eMAG Marketplace platform. For the first year, eMAG estimates that approx. 400 producers will register in the project and they will list around 50,000 products, and the platform will generate sales of more than RON 14 million for them. Currently, there are 32 local producers in eMAG Marketplace, having a turnover up to RON 500,000, with more than 5,000 products listed in 98 categories. Until now, they recorded cumulated sales of more than RON 600,000.

“For the small Romanian entrepreneurs, registering in eMAG Marketplace is the opportunity to access millions of potential clients, and for the latter, it means to simply and quickly buy the Romanian products they want, regardless of the place in the country where they are made. Thus, they will support small producers and craft traditions. A higher demand will also bring new jobs, and thus the impact of this project inside communities will be a long one” stated Florin Filote (photo R), eMAG Marketplace Manager.

The program “Deschide Romania” is exclusively addressed to the non-food industry. The platform can be accessed by the local small producers, by the self-employed persons who make craft products, by NGOs with production activities from which they finance themselves and social enterprises, the only requirements being that their scope has to be the production in Romania and a turnover below RON 500,000, recorded in the last ended fiscal year.

In the next five years since launching “Deschide Romania”, the traders registered in the program will cumulate, through the eMAG Marketplace platform, sales of RON 100 million. Traders who wish to sell on the eMAG Marketplace platform within the “Deschide Romania” program have to exclusively produce in Romania, respecting all the legal regulations and provisions, and their products can be also craft products made in small series. For the future, eMAG doesn’t exclude finding solutions to also promote unique products.

Specifically, how this program will function and what will be the support provided by eMAG? Iulian Stanciu (photo L), eMAG CEO, stated in a press conference: “The entrepreneurs bring the products. In the registering side of the website, they select the ‘Deschide Romania’ program. It takes an average of 30 days until the products are listed on the website. All this time, we help them, we also provide them advice on how to document their products in order to tell a distance story, because by not having a direct interaction with the client, they have to take a picture of the product, they have to describe it. We also help the producer with the entire labeling part, so that products will comply with all the regulations in force. We will help him with the entire transportation part as well, we send the courier directly to him, and he will deliver the products directly to the client. eMAG offers this platform with dedicated sections and millions of clients, too. We have over 20 million visits every month”. 30 eMAG employees involved into the new project will be available to the producers, providing them with the needed support.

Besides, in order to be identified by the clients more easily, the products in the program will be indicated on theLogo Deschide Romania website and on the eMAG mobile app, with the “Deschide Romania” logo.

Small producers will also benefit from lower fees, on average of 50% lower than the standard ones, while NGOs and social enterprises registered in the project will benefit from 0% fee.

Being a company established in 2001, eMAG is a pioneer of the Romanian online trade market and it became a leader that is present in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. Since 16 years ago, eMAG is constantly investing in services that help clients save time and money, services relying on technologies developed in Romania.

With a continuously increasing range of products both through its own offer and the partners from the Marketplace, eMAG is the place where anyone can look for and order anything, from anywhere. Clients benefit from added value services, such as 30-day right of return, opening the package when delivered, 24/7 call center, Service Pick Up and Return, installment financing through eCredit, the mobile app and “One click payment”, the instant order service.

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