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September 18, 2020

Traian Basescu accuses: Adamescu, killed by prosecutors’ and judges’ contempt for life

“Are you really not accountable for anything?” ex-President Traian Basescu asked in a Facebook message posted on Monday evening, in reaction to the death of businessman Dan Adamescu (photo).

“The death of Adamescu, a man sentenced to four years in prison, so not sentenced to death.

“Because of his health, Mr. Adamescu’s lawyers repeatedly asked the courts to release the millionaire on parole. He had this right because of his health.

“The DNA prosecutors had all of the man’s medical documents in their hands, documents which proved a critical health condition. Nevertheless, they obstinately asked for his continued imprisonment. Moreover, his health was aggravated by diseases contracted in the penitentiary.

“The judges, they too, with the medial documents in their hands, but obedient and terrified by the DNA prosecutor’s pressure, upheld the imprisonment of a man weakened by disease to the verge of exhaustion.

“This man was killed by the prosecutors’ and judges’ contempt for life, without anyone sentencing him to death, but they, the rule of law’s prosecutors and judges, killed him.

“Do we really know how many dozens/hundreds of regular people, unknown but ill, are dying in penitentiaries each year because of the prosecutors’ and judges’ contempt for the lives of inmates? They are regular people, not millionaires like Adamescu, and are dying without anyone knowing it.

“I expect to be accused by the CSM of affecting the independence of the judiciary. Or maybe the CSM Inspection will investigate the judges’ decisions in such cases? I don’t think so.

“P.S. – Since ‘Romania Libera’ did not consistently attack me during my two terms in office, and often backed me, the mafia from the press calls Adamescu “Basescu’s billionaire.” A big lie. Maybe we were in the same room at the same time during various receptions. However, I talked only once with Mr. Adamescu at Cotroceni, when I also talked with other insurance companies. I wanted to find out what is the Romanian companies’ capacity to offer private health insurances. I admit, he did not convince me that private health insurances can be offered by Romanian insurers alone, considering they had huge delays in the payment of CASCO and RCA auto insurances,” Basescu wrote on Facebook.


Elena Udrea: A man has died because he didn’t want to lie and denounce me


Former Lower Chamber lawmaker Elena Udrea reacted harshly to the death of billionaire Dan Adamescu, stating in a Facebook posting that “a man has died because he didn’t want to lie and denounce me and Traian Basescu like the DNA prosecutors asked him.”

“A man has died because he didn’t want to lie and denounce me and Traian Basescu like the DNA prosecutors asked him. Yes, if Dan Adamescu were to say something about me, they would have dropped their charges and he would have been alive today. But that would have meant lying, because he didn’t even know me… And this man had honour and preferred to become the victim of the Establishment which picks its targets and renders justice depending on who its opponent is.

“But others were not as brave, didn’t have honour and chose to lie, to say what the prosecutors wanted to hear in order to be able to arrest and charge me… Seeing Adamescu’s fate, I understand they didn’t want the same thing happening to them and I forgive their fear and cowardice.

“I knew I was the Establishment’s top priority target after my revelations about its leaders, Coldea and Kovesi. Businessmen, ministry employees, politicians, persons I knew were pressured by the DNA to file denunciations about me. I publicly said this too as early as back then, I filed complaints with the CSM and… nothing. CSM ignored my complaints but censures me every time I say something about the abuses within the judiciary, and most of you preferred to allow yourselves manipulated and to blame me.

“One day, and that day is not far away, all those who are parties to the abuses that took place and are still taking place will be held accountable.

“And maybe society will understand that any abuse tolerated just because it happens to someone we don’t like will turn against it like a boomerang. But for this we must first cure ourselves of hatred and refuse to allow ourselves to be divided. Because the Establishment has managed to take over power in Romania by sowing hatred and provoking divisions among the people. So simple, so classic in the instauration of a dictatorship…,” Elena Udrea wrote on Facebook.

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