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April 12, 2021

Tutuianu: SRI internal control committee’s report confirms Ghita, Coldea travel together to Seychelles, Italy

The report released by the Control Committee with the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) confirms that former SRI Deputy Director Florian Coldea and businessman, former MP, currently wanted Sebastian Ghita traveled together to Seychelles and Italy, on Wednesday night said the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for the SRI Control, Adrian Tutuianu.

“The SRI Control Committee report confirms that they were together in Seychelles and Tuscany, Italy, as it is also confirms the presence of Mrs. Coldea together with Mrs. Ghita in Paris’s Disneyland. From the said committee’s information, the Coldeas presented relevant documents on how they have covered the costs of this trip, in invoices and receipts. I wouldn’t know whether they are real or not. And I’m thinking of the possibility for the SRI Control Committee to ask for more information, for instance to ask the Tax Authority to check upon these documents, if they are real. The inquiry showed that there are no proves that they are fake,” said Tutuianu at the Parliament Palace after the hearing of the SRI director, Eduard Hellvig.

Tutuianu added that no legal provisions and internal norms were violated in the Coldeas case, according to the control committee’s conclusion, and yet from his standpoint there would be “a matter of deontology from the point of view of the relations between a SRI intelligence officer and a member of the SRI control committee.”

When asked about the quality of Sebastian Ghita in these trips, Tutuianu answered that in 2012 – 2016 Ghita used to be a member of the Parliamentary Committee of SRI Control.

“And I’ve also asked about the 2010 – 2012 period and the answer was: he was not a covert officer, an additional argument being stressed by the oath taken by Ghita in 2012 (as a deputy – editor’s note),” he added.


” I’ve been informed by the SRI heads  there are no undercover officers in Justice or inside political parties”


The Chairman of the Standing Parliamentary Control Committee of the Romanian Intelligence Service  also declared on Wednesday evening that he has been informed by the SRI heads that there are no undercover agents in Justice, but that SRI has undercover officers or collaborators, just as any other intelligence service, who obtain useful information for the national security.

“In the discussions we had with the SRI representatives we have firstly brought up the stuff made public by the National Union of Judges. We have received the following answers from SRI: there are no collaborating undercover officers or any other categories enumerated by the law regarding the judges’ regime and they said they would also provide the necessary means to verify this when we carry out visits at subordinate institutions. The second answer communicated by SRI was that there are no undercover officers inside political parties. We were informed that SRI, just as any other intelligence service, works with covert agents, with collaborators and obtain information that is useful for the national security,” specified Tutuianu at the end of the sitting.

Previously, the SRI director, Eduard Hellvig, mentioned that the service he leads doesn’t have and will not have undercover agents in politics or justice.

“SRI doesn’t have and will not have undercover agents in politics and justice, and during my mandate SRI will not get involved in any power game, it will not organize protests or street movements, as it has been falsely claimed in certain places,” underscored Eduard Hellvig.


SRI’s  budget on 2017 by rd 10pct smaller than in 2016


The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) will have in 2017 a smaller budget by 9.4 pct – 10 pct than the budget of 2016, on Wednesday evening announced the head of the parliamentary Committee for SRI control, Adrian Tutuianu.

“I believe that a budget should meet two demands: on the one hand, it has to ensure the necessary resources for the functioning of the institution, and this is binding for any public body. On the other hand, a budget should consider the resources a country has at a certain moment, because the needs are many, obviously. The figure we have today, to give you a factual example, as it has been communicated by the Public Finance Ministry, it was reviewed these days, and the SRI budget will range somewhere by 9.4 pct – 10 pct smaller than the one of 2016,” said Tutuianu, after the hearing of the SRI head, Eduard Hellvig.

Tutuianu added that the SRI demands were higher, but that they agreed that the budget will cover the necessary minimum to function.


“Ms. Kovesi present in public SRI activities”


The Chief Prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi was present in Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) activities that were mainly public or related to institutional cooperation, declared on Wednesday night the president of the Standing Parliamentary Committee for the SRI Control, Adrian Tutuianu.

He specified that he asked the SRI head who participated on Wednesday in a committee’s hearing, about the relationship between the DNA’s Chief Prosecutor and Florian Coldea (former deputy director with the SRI).

“Of course I asked this too. The Internal Control Committee communicated that Ms Kovesi was present in SRI activities, which had mainly a public character or that were related to the institutional cooperation between the two institutions aforementioned. I would like to clarify something. The members of the Internal Control Committee are fully responsible for the findings they have made. There are documents, information we didn’t have access to or we couldn’t have access to. Consequently, they also took the responsibility when making certain statements and, as you know, discussions and everything that was commented upon today in this room was recorded and can be consulted by the authorities with attributions in the criminal investigation area, let’s say, and later on, when they are unsealed by historians,” stated Tutuianu.

Asked whether he considers necessary the modification of the package of laws regarding the National Security, Tutuianu said that carrying out such a law package also involves the Supreme Council for the National Defence (CSAT), the President, the Government. “As far as I and my colleagues are concerned, we have openly expressed the possibility to modify legal policing and bring them up-to-dat

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