Basescu: During my tenures, CSAT did its job, I assume decisions made in fight against corruption

Former president Traian Basescu says that during his mandates the Supreme Council for Country’s Defence (CSAT) has done its job, adding that he is assuming “the legality, correctness and opportunity” of the decisions that have aimed at “strengthening of the state’s institutions and the fight against corruption.”

“I, Traian Basescu, former President of Romania assume (as I believe any member of the CSAT is doing) the legality, correctness and opportunity of the CSAT decisions, in general and in particular of those which are now under public scan and have targeted the consolidation of the state’s institutions, the fight against corruption, tax evasion, organised crime (persons’ trafficking included), money laundering and cross-border crime, guns’ trafficking etc. Thus, if I were today in the situation to make decisions according to the current legal framework, I assure you I’d do the same I did in 2004 – 2014. I assure you that during my mandates the CSAT did its job fully for the country’s interests in relation to the high level of corruption and organised crime at the time of decision-making,” wrote Basescu on Friday night on his Facebook page, following the accusations in the public space saying that due to the “illegal decisions” made in the CSAT during his tenures, “the “SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service), DNA (National Anti-corruption Directorate) and courts of law ended in making abuses.”

The PMP (People’s Movement Party) president admits that abuses exist, but stresses that neither he, nor the CSAT are responsible for that matter.

“Abuses, criminal files’ mystification, innocent people sent to jail, abuses in the remanding and in penitentiaries, in drafting the criminal files, exist, absolutely (…), but should you look for correctness do scan for the responsible people somewhere else, because neither the CSAT, nor I have ever asked for criminal files to be made and much less to certain people, as well as I’ve never approved the violation of the law,” he writes.

He recommends those who “attack him publicly” to read the last CVM report to have a picture on the justice’s progress during his mandates.

“Justice has made progresses, and yet certainly it has to do huge work to be credible and in particular fully honest. Never again the CSAT has approved inter-institutional protocols,” Basescu concludes.

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