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April 18, 2021

Farmers’ Association AGROSTAR says Gov’t should understand that producers have no time to wait

The Agrostar Federation president, Stefan Nicolae on Saturday said in southern Craiova, where he took part in the fathering of the Dolj branch of the Beekeepers Trade Union of Romania, that he hopes that the current government understands that the Romanian producer “has no time to wait anymore” and that the government has to give up consultations that are mere ‘checked upon’ things.

“In all agricultural sectors, the Romanian producer is the most afflicted. All that means sale, our goods’ trading the system has invented yet other “smart guys” to win numberless times from it. Why? You know the answer. We never made it to have a strong structure and answer back when our rights and interests are hit by these multinationals that have came in and created the monopoly and invented the intermediaries. Unfortunately, the subsidies we receive, if carefully scanned, do not capitalise the Romanian agriculturalist but the middleman and the indirect trader, because we pay our debts to the bank, other investments. Quite often we have watched powerless, to all kinds of pieces of legislation and laws the TV broadcasts say to containing all types of support and money for us, but instead, when enforced, we see that the money goes elsewhere and the legislation has other targets,” said the Agrostar president.

“Things cannot go on anymore, because we have a duty not to us, but to our children and families (…) and our only form of manifestation is to shape up some strong structures capable to back its interests, to have the ability and expertise to negotiate in your interest when showing up to the Agriculture Ministry and not in the interest of themselves or certain groups of interests and even take to the streets when necessary. From this reason I have insisted that apart from the professional associations, we should create some very strong trade unions, too,” the Agrostar head said.

“Should the current government insists to only have consultations, as the past governments did, then war will be between us and them. We have no time to wait. To wait to reach where? The wooden hoe?” he added.

Stefan Nicolae also reminded his fellow farmers that the hyper-markets continue to refuse without grounds to receive and sell the Romanian products, even those from the Agrostar Federation’s cooperative, and sell imported goods on the shelves.

“There is a law regarding the mandatory sale of 51 pct of the goods on the hyper-markets shelves to be Romanian. It’s a farce. Next Wednesday we’ll have a meeting at the European Businesses Committee on this draft law. We have lived this situation and have this experience of the relationship with the super-markets. I’ll lodge a proposition so that each super-market has a Romanian corner, with Romanian products. If the hyper-markets do not agree, then we propose the ones operating inside the cities to be closed on Saturday and Sunday, and the ones outside the cities to stay open, as things work in the European countries,” added the Agrostar president.

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