Inventor Razvan Marcus plans industrial computer production line in Simeria

Young hotshot inventor Razvan Marcus, who entered the limelight as the creator of a special smartphone charging case, will open in the Simeria Business Park a line for the production of industrial computers, which are used for industrial applications, a less explored market segment that currently sees a robust development.

“We want to produce a series of special computers used in industrial computation. Take for instance a metal bar that is subjected to torsion, to various forces. Everything behind the [dimensioning] operation is mathematic calculation by these special computers. Me and my partner want to develop our own line of computers with high computing power and minimum energy consumption,” Razvan Marcus told Agerpres.

According to him, the new computers will feature a set of improvements as to what currently exists on the market, revealing that some concern the cooling systems which are highly important for removing the heat from such heavy-duty equipment installed in industrial halls.

“We conceived a method to build our own computers with our own software. They will be far better performing, all different from the computers used for gaming or other activities. (…) They are intended strictly for calculation in industrial halls, which is a special niche,” the mechatronics engineer explains. The production line might become operational in June or July, depending on the time required to install the equipment and the legal procedures involved by such an investment project.

Marcus hopes to thus also contribute to the development of the local business milieu.

As for his brainchild, the case that charges the smartphone battery on the go by transforming any type of energy (movement, temperature, sound, Wi-Fi signal, GPS, GSM, satellite, radio signals and light) into electricity, Marcus says it will be in a stand-by for a while because it cannot be yet produced with domestic technologies.

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