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October 7, 2022

Liberal leader Raluca Turcan to propose bottom-to-top internal party elections

Acting Chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL), deputy Raluca Turcan announced that she will propose that the party’s internal elections be organized bottom-to-top, starting from each constituency.

“PNL can and must enter internal elections in an as much as possible integrated, transparent and fair approach to all party members. Together with the Secretary-general I will suggest the National Standing Bureau a variant of elections running from bottom to the top, starting with each constituency, through the county organizations and the pool of candidates for national leadership,” Turcan told an informal meeting with organization chairs held on Sunday at the Palace of Parliament.

Turcan advocated an impeccable local organization of the party as a prerequisite for a well-established political program and for intelligent public policies.

“PNL has strong people backed by powerful organizations with a vision of their own on PNL and it’s normal for everyone to state their opinion regarding the future of the party. Despite certain divisions and currents, we listened to each other’s arguments and found the best solutions to rebuild PNL. This wasn’t a day when some won and others lost, but the day when the best arguments emerged to underpin the solutions PNL needs to take to grow into what the people expect us to be,” Turcan added.

Pointing to the good performance in the general elections that paved her way to the position of PNL acting Chair, Turcan explained that a commission tasked with organizing internal elections and ensuring a transparent framework for the process will be established, and that it may be that the commission head will not be allowed to run for PNL head.


” I’m not thinking at the PNL presidency for the moment. The congress could be held in May or June”


Raluca Turcan, stated last Wednesday  at the Gandul interviews that she’s not thinking at the party’s presidency for the moment, mentioning that in her opinion the elections should be held in May or June.

“I’m not thinking at the party’s presidency for the moment, but I’m thinking night and day how could I fix what was wrong in PNL until now” she stated, being asked if she will run.

PNL Interim chairwoman also stated she support the bottom up elections and a congress to be held in May or June.

First of all, we need bottom up elections. I believe that the next Convention should mobilize the party members, it should attract them in taking the decisions, exactly as we did in the Sibiu organization. We need a Convention in which we can correct the wrong things, the non-involvement situations, the lack of vision, which will bring more legitimacy for those who will lead the party and which will be strongly built, without a huge time pressure. (…) There’s one thing to do things seriously, thoroughly, and there’s another thing to cover the problems, to appoint a leadership and to have a satisfied party that everything is done. If we would make things thoroughly, the Congress could be held in May or June. We didn’t take this decision yet, I will consult with the branch presidents on Sunday, we’ll see each one’s standpoint an how they assess their own political activity, in order to establish the exact schedule of the development of the Convention in the National Permanent Bureau, to bring the elections to an end” she explained.

Turcan also stated that one of her greatest desires is that all the members can elect the President of the party, but this isn’t possible for the moment, especially because of the technical conditions.

“I said that I’d like all the members to vote for the President position, since I was appointed. So I’m glad that Ludovic Orban also supports this idea. At the same time, I am a realistic and honest person, so I don’t sell illusions: this form of elections is hard to be made, because unfortunately, databases are not very functional at the level of our local organizations, there’s no direct connection with all the party members, and I don’t know if we could fix these issues in a reasonable period of time. I’d really like the party President to be elected by all the party members” PNL leader detailed.


“It’s a mystery for me why PNL didn’t speak about a program. Some of the leaders are disconnected from reality”


At the same time, Turcan also stated at the Gandul interviews that “remains a mystery” for her why PNL didn’t speak at the national level about the government program in the campaign, considering that “some f the leaders were disconnected from reality”. “It’s hard for me to say if it was desperation or a lack of political intuition (to focus on Dacian Ciolos’s platform, instead of the government program – e.n.). It remains a mystery for me why PNL didn’t speak at the national level about the government program, but it spoke about Mr. Ciolos’s program. (…) The feedback came on two ways: one was that the lack of action costed us at the national level. For instance, PNL should have been the most vocal related to the business environment. We needed more consistency, instead of things that the leadership followed one day and then it forgot about them, it didn’t seek the finality” Turcan commented.

She underlined that the interim Liberal leaders of the organizations “couldn’t keep that balance between the two old parties”. “For instance, my colleagues were telling me that it was important for us to have new people, but they couldn’t replace the experienced persons, the specialists, people who had performance, who can implement the decisions. It’s very important to seek this balance of added value, of new entry, as well as the experienced persons. It was an assumed political decision that all the communication campaign was focused on new people, this s not a secret for anybody. It seems it costed us” added the PNL leader.

She also mentioned that PNL made a mistake by moving away from people who are structurally compatible with PNL. “I’m talking about doctors, teachers. (…) PNL didn’t have a government program with concrete solutions, presented day and night on all TV channels. We spoke very little about ground solutions and we tried to polarize on persons” Turcan explained.

In this context, she stated that “some of the leaders were disconnected from reality, from the reality concerned of building something for the many”.


Analyst Stelian Tanase: Those who buried PNL formed “a new bunch”


On the other hand, the situation in PNL, the more or less underground games between the two groups (the old PNL and PDL) is very carefully followed by analysts.

Steian Tanase wrote on his blog which are the new movements in PNL later than one month since the disaster of the parliamentary elections. “The same prominent members of the National Permanent Bureau (BPN) who voted all the stupid things, those who decided fatal things for PNL, want to continue to lead the party” wrote the political analyst.

“Where are the Liberals these days!?… Nowhere! And what do they do!? They’re looking to their navel, they’re hiding in the offices. When they don’t do that, they deal with intrigues with the knives out on the table. What’s the stake of the deal!? It’s simple. Those who buried PNL hardly try to politically survive at the leadership of the party. So they confiscated it. They formed a new cooperative, a bunch, so to say. The same prominent BPN members who voted all the stupid things, those who decided fatal things for PNL, want to continue to lead the party – since they proved their ability and clairvoyance!!! They want to ensure for themselves further seats of senators and deputies, to save their careers. How can they let the party out of their hands, man, how can they leave their offices!?… So they want to rule further. More recently, they’re looking for a puppet PNL President to let itself controlled by them and who will provide them political jobs in the future.

The BPN members strongly wish not to be any sanction, none of the proved responsible persons for the disaster of December 11 to be removed. BPN refuses any analysis of the failure. They postpone it always, to gain time to conspire. Several BPN sessions strongly avoided the discussion of this essential topic. Until today, January 25, there is no minimal analysis of the electoral disaster of the parliamentary elections. An analysis that should be made by themselves, by the BPN members, and not by political analysts and commenters. The responsible persons for the disaster are here, in BPN, where all the bad decision were taken. The Liberal leaders protect each other. BPN doesn’t say any word about the failure – for instance, they got less than a half of the PSD’s percentage. Or about the fact that between June and December, PNL has lost 1.2 million votes. Or about the fact that the Liberal voters preferred not to go to the polls, despite the intact anti-PSD feelings. They preferred to watch TV instead of voting Alina Gorghiu&Co. Normally, on December 12, 2016, BPN should have massively retire, after an interim leadership with exclusively technical tasks was established – to urgently organize the PNL congress in January, and not in June…

PNL prepares these days a secret meeting of the leaders in which many things will be decided regarding the future leadership and the development of the PNL Congress. I wanted to remind several things (today, the need of a deep and focused analysis of the great failure) to those who will be there. I will come back with other analyzes’ added the political analyst.

At the same time, there are more and more voices claiming that the liberal parliamentarians (from the old PNL) are waiting for the unification Congress of the party to see how they will position from that moment, namely if they will migrate to Tariceanu’s ALDE.


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