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October 21, 2021

PMP will support the dismissal of the Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea

People’s Movement Party (PMP) will support the approach of the National Liberal Party (PNL) for the dismissal of the Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea (photo), stated on Friday the PMP Executive Chairman, Valeriu Steriu, mentioning that the party will take a decision on the censure motion of the Liberals and on the simple motion of the Save Romania Union (USR), after they will see the texts.

“We support PNL in this matter. We are also willing to make state institutions to work for the Romanian state”, stated the PMP Executive Chairman Valeriu Steriu, asked if PMP will support PNL’s approach for the dismissal of the Ombudsman, Victor Ciorbea.

The PMP deputy stated that he will have talks on supporting the censure motion proposed by PNL after they will see the text of the motion.

“We wait to see the text first. We have talks with the entire opposition. We already had a first approach to sign jointly at CCR, 15 days ago. We’ll have such approaches further. When we’ll have a text of this motion, we’ll definitely have an analysis inside the party, to see how we can contribute on stopping any kind of drifts from democracy” Steriu stated.

PMP also had an informal meeting with USR on the simple motion which Nicusor Dan’s party will submit, according to the PMP deputy, stating that USR didn’t sent the motion’s text yet.

“We’re concerned about what’s happening, too. We’re also stunned to see that PSD President states that he doesn’t know what’s happening at the Government, and the Government doesn’t know what’s happening at the Justice Ministry” Steriu concluded.


Liberals will request Ciorbea’s dismissal in the first joint plenary session


At the beginning of the parliamentary session, Liberals will submit a request to the leaderships of the two Chambers, in order for Victor Ciorbea’s dismissal from the Ombudsman position to be discussed in the first joint plenary session.

“We have decided to start the approaches for the dismissal of the Ombudsman. Mr. Victor Ciorbea breaches the law on which the Ombudsman institution relies. Mr. Victor Ciorbea has politicized this institution and acted as PSD’s vassal, as a humble executor of PSD’s interests. We’ll request the dismissal procedures to start and we’ll ask to have a professional person of moral integrity, a person who primarily respects people, in the Ombudsman position” PNL interim President Raluca Turcan stated on Thursday.

Ombudsman’s lack of reaction towards the ordinance on the mayors’ migration and the challenge to the Constitutional Curt of the law that bans the convicted persons to be members of the Government are some of the reasons for which Liberals appreciate that Ciorbea must be dismissed.

After the Ombudsman has challenged at the Constitutional Court the Law no.90/2001, whose provisions were preventing Liviu Dragnea claim the PM position, many dismissal requests were made against Victor Ciorbea. Even an online petition was launched, and it gathered a record number of signatures in less than 24 hours.

Victor Ciorbea’s reaction to all these requests was: “Poor people who don’t know what’s about and who weren’t patient and interested to read the plea I submitted!”


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