Animal performances removed from activity scope of Bucharest’s ‘Globus’ Circus & Variety Company

Under a freshly adopted decision of the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality, animal performances will no longer be included in the activity scope of Bucharest’s ‘Globus’ Circus & Variety Company.

At the beginning of this Monday’s meeting, General Mayor Gabriela Firea said that ‘Globus’ circus shows will no longer include acts that require animal training, in a move to get in line with the European and global trend. Firea mentioned that according to experts, the animals trained for circus performances are subjected to ill-treatment that affects them, even if the beauty of the show betrays nothing of that.

“We have a cooperation with several relevant organisations, with Vier Pfoten in particular, and we will relocate the animals that currently appear in ‘Globus’ shows. Some will be used for exhibitions organized at the circus, but without going through the torment of training, some will go to the zoo,” the mayor said.

General councilor Tudor Tim Ionescu from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats also announced that a draft decision will be introduced on the agenda of the next meeting of the Bucharest General Council banning animal shows in Bucharest.

The animals in the care of the ‘Globus’ Circus & Variety Company will be relocated under a protocol between this public institution and the ‘Vier Pfoten’ Foundation, within six months at the most after the decision’s coming into force. Throughout this period the circus management shall see to the welfare of the animals.

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