Eurostat: Romanians produce least municipal waste per capita in EU, but do not recycle

The countries with the lowest waste amounts produced in the EU, in 2015, are Romania and Poland with less than 300 kg per capita, on the opposite side being Denmark (789 kg per capita), shows the data published on Monday by the European Statistics Office (Eurostat).

In the European Union, the amount of municipal waste produced was 477 kg per capita, decreasing 9pct compared with the peak of 527 kg per capita registered in 2002, but increasing compared to 474 kg in 2014, being the first annual growth registered after 2007.

Also, the Eurostat data show that in 2015, on EU level, 29pct of municipal waste was recycled, other 28pct was deposited in the waste pits, 26pct was incinerated, and 17pct was transformed into compost. Among member states, recycling and composting represented over two thirds of waste treatment in Germany (68pct), and over half of it in Austria and Slovenia (both 58pct), Belgium (55pct), and the Netherlands (52pct).

In the case of Romania, data of Eurostat which originates from 2014, shows that the largest volume of waste was deposited in waste pits, with the recycling and composting share being zero.

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