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September 19, 2019

New reactions to the Gov’t drafts to amend the criminal legislation

PNL’s Turcan: It would be a disaster for Romanian society to assist to a Power that legalizes theft


The interim head of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Raluca Turcan, states that the current Government tries, through ordinances on pardon and the amendment of the Criminal Codes, to “legalize theft” and to “free from prison” some of the politicians that are at rule.

“These two ordinances represent a destructive and extremely dangerous first for the good work of justice and anticorruption fight. Practically, the Government tries through these two ordinances to shoot two rabbits with the same bullet: to legalize theft of public wealth, through the amendments of the Criminal Codes, and to place above the law and prison rigors a series of potentates among the majority at rule. It is an act of political banditry. It would be a disaster for the Romanian society to assist to a Power that legalize the theft!,” Raluca Turcan states on Tuesday, in a post on her Facebook account.

The Justice Minister, Florin Iordache, announced on Monday, that he will come in front of the Government “with some coherent documents” on criminal legislation, that “would respect the public consultation.”


 PICCJ: Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code modification draft exceeds Constitutional Court limits


The Modification draft of the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code exceeds the limits set by the Constitutional Court, says a press release of the Prosecutor’s Office with the High Court of Justice and Cassation (PICCJ) on Tuesday.

“The Public Minister warns on the necessity to achieve reconciliation of the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code provisions with the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Romania, however, with the current wording, the modification draft of the two codes exceeds the limits established by the contentious constitutional court. Although the preamble of the explanatory memoranda invokes the existence of the Constitutional Court decisions no. 603/2015 and no. 405/2016, the targeted modifications exceed the ones ruled by the Court.

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