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June 23, 2021

Nicusor Dan reacts to accusation that USB received illegal campaign contributions: All absurd accusations levied against USR prove one thing only, that they are afraid

Nicusor Dan, president of Save Romania Union (USR) – the political party that “swallowed” the Save Bucharest Union (USB) –, reacted on Monday to the information published by ‘National’ daily and quoted by stiripesurse.ro with regards to the way USB financed its local elections campaign last year.

“The reality built by the politicians interested in amnesty and pardons and their media sound amplifiers is worthy of Alice in Wonderland. After allegations that dogs are being paid to be at the protest, the remark that USB/USR was allegedly sponsored by homeless people surprises no one.

“I will repeat, every time necessary, the truth about the donations received by USR. The financing of the local elections campaign in Bucharest was verified by the Standing Electoral Authority which noted its legality and decided to reimburse the sums spent. There is no investigation into USB/USR’s financing, as falsely claimed in the remarks published today on news websites and [broadcast] by some television shows.

“All the absurd accusations levied against USR prove one thing only, that they are afraid,” Nicusor Dan wrote on Facebook.

According to the sources quoted by ‘National’ daily, USB’s list of contributors includes dozens of homeless people and people without income. The Standing Electoral Authority allegedly notified the Prosecutor General’s Office, which is allegedly already probing this suspicious case. According to the information published by ‘National’ journalists, Nicusor Dan used to receive money in his personal account and then transfer them in the party’s campaign account. Moreover, during the pre-campaign period he used funds (for Facebook advertisement) which he was legally obligated to spend solely in the campaign.

The case has allegedly come to the attention of Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) prosecutors when it was discovered that the party received over RON 1 million in campaign contributions from abroad, through bank accounts opened on the names of persons with no income and even homeless persons, the journalists claim.

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