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March 23, 2023

More than EUR 55 billion, the turnover of the companies with foreign capital in Romania in a single year

The decision of the foreign investors to develop their business also in Romania, as an EU Member State seems to have been a winning bet. The confirmation comes from a recent survey conducted by a company specialized in providing commercial risk management products and services, revealing that, in a single year, the turnover of the companies with foreign capital in Romania exceeded EUR 55 billion. However, by far, the greatest benefit for Romania regarding the presence of the foreign companies is that over 1 million jobs have been created.

As shown in a survey conducted by CreditInfo, a company specialized in providing commercial risk management products and services, companies in Romania having foreign investors recorded in 2015 a total turnover of more than RON 250 billion, namely EUR 55 billion. Dutch companies are on the first place, with a turnover of approx. EUR 35 billion (almost RON 156 billion), followed by the German companies, who generated turnovers of almost EUR 20 billion (over RON 88 billion), the Austrian companies, with turnovers of almost EUR 13 billion (more than RON 58 billion). This ranking is completed by companies whose shareholders come from France, whose investments in Romania generate turnovers of EUR 12.6 billion (more than RON 57 billion), followed by the investors from Italy and Cyprus, with turnovers of more than EUR 7 billion each one, respectively Switzerland, with a turnover of EUR 6 billion.

According to the quoted survey, regarding profitability, the ranking is opened by the companies having German and Dutch capital, each of them achieving profits of approx. EUR 880 million, namely RON 4 billion, IN 2015. Next are the French companies, who achieved a total profit of EUR 620 million (over RON 2.7 billion), Austrian companies, with EUR 430 million (over RON 1.9 billion), Italian companies – the profit was over EUR 250 million (RON 1.1 billion) and the companies from Luxembourg – EUR 160 million (over RON 700 million). In total, the foreign companies recorded a profit of EUR 2.7 billion in 2015.

It was mentioned that the most profitable areas of activity of the foreign companies in Romania are by far the automotive industry, the wholesale of the tobacco products and selling gaseous fuels through pipelines.

“The monthly reports made by CreditInfo and the special reports dedicated to our customers rely on real-time data obtained from official sources, namely from ANAF, Finance Ministry, Trade Register, Justice Minister, which our analysts introduce in our huge database. We use a system successfully used in many European countries” stated Aurimas Kacinskas, General Manager at CreditInfo Romania, regarding these statistics reflecting the activity of the foreign companies in Romania.

The survey also analyzed the social impact which the development of the foreign investors’ businesses had in Romania. Thus, the CreditInfo survey also revealed that the foreign companies created more than 1 million jobs in 2015. Thus, German and Dutch companies have the largest number of employees – more than 200,000 employees, followed by the Italian companies – over 130,000 employees, the French companies – over 100,000 employees, the Austrian companies – over 95,000 employees, the Cypriot companies – over 80,000 employees, and the Luxembourg companies – over 40,000 employees.





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