Business Environmnent Minister Jianu resigns from Grindeanu Government

The Minister for Business Environment Florin Jianu announced his resignation on Facebook on Thursday morning. Florin Jianu, who declares himself technocrat, says that he doesn’t want to participate to this “war” started after the amendment of the Criminal Codes.

Minister Florin Jianu wrote on Facebook that he prepared his resignation since the evening of the Government’s session in which Criminal Codes have been amended, but h hoped that the Government will reconsider the decision.

“I thought responsibly at what is ethical to do further and not mainly for my professional probity, because my conscience is clean in this matter, but for my child, for how I will look into his eyes and what I will tell him over the years. I will tell him that his father was a coward and he endorsed actions that he didn’t share, or that he chose to go out of a story that doesn’t belong to him with his head up?

I have worked with faith and obstinacy in each of the 28 days of mandate, and I didn’t even think that work could be so brutally and unfairly overshadowed.

Those who know me know that I cannot accept deception or lie!

I don’t want my decision to stop here to be politically used by one side or another! It’s a war that I don’t share and which I want to be stopped as quickly as possible! There are people whom I appreciate in the current Government and which also didn’t deserve what happened two evenings ago. There are people whom I appreciate in PSD and in whose good faith and power to fight I continue to hope, in order to restore what can and must be restored: Competence and honesty!!!

I am thinking about the future of my country, our country, of all of us, a future that we must write with honor and honesty, not with deception and lie. Romania doesn’t deserve what happens to it now, Romanians don’t deserve what happens to them now!

I am thinking at the entrepreneurial future of this country with a huge innovation potential, and at the magic words for entrepreneurs: PREDICTIBILITY AND STABILITY. They must be urgently restored!!!

I am also thinking not at my future, but at the future of the people who followed me in the team at the ministry, either those from inside the ministerial unit, or those whom I brought, honest, fair people and so willing for a change. Be strong and keep it straight ahead!

As for my activity during this month, it’s a consistent one, I have managed to pass several laws supporting the business environment (the Romania Start-Up Nation Program, the Internationalization Program for SMEs, Rules for Granting the Title of Business Incubator, 0% fee for CDI, etc.), I built a solid budget for 2017 with significant increases for financing the entrepreneurs (approx. RON 2 billion, ten times more money for programs than in 2016), a budget that is ready to be implemented, and not at last, I succeeded to have a premiere for Romania after December, 1989: a Ministry of Entrepreneurship! All these things must be continued and I am ready to continue to support this approach.

I stop here from my governmental activity because that’s what my conscience tells me to do, and this is not negotiable for anything in the world!!!

P.S. 1. I ask those who are tempted to use my gesture in a political, propaganda or any other kind of purpose who can incite, to abstain from this. I am and I continue to be a technocrat, I don’t know politics, I am good in the SME field and in entrepreneurship.

I will not make statements in media and please respect this wish that I have. I also wish for us to be able to work in peace in this country.

P.S. 2. I have prepared this message since the evening of the famous Government session, but I postponed my decision hoping that the good thought or at least the street pressure will determine those who were conceptually wrong, as well as those who acted, to have the honor to fix their ‘error’ and to continue our activity in peace. If they didn’t do it for two days, maybe this example will be useful for them” Florin Jianu wrote on Facebook.


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