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June 23, 2021

Capital Police: Over 60 persons, taken to hearings, after protest incidents

Over 60 persons were taken for hearings after the violent incidents at the protest on Wednesday night in Victoria Square, Capital Police officials announced.

According to the cited source, under the coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the District 1 Court, investigations are currently conducted on the offenses of outrage and public order and peace disturbance.


Bucharest Protest ends with 20 persons detained and 5 injured


The protest in Victoria Square in the Capital, in front of the Government headquarters, ended after midnight on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, after several protesters, an isolated group, threw objects and crackers at gendarmes, who intervened and dispersed them.

The demonstration against the recent Government decisions concerning the modifications of the Criminal Codes started on Wednesday morning in Victoria Square, and at noon the protesters numbered over one thousand persons. Until evening, their number increased to over 100,000.

The people chanted “We don’t recognise laws given by mobsters. Resignation!,” “I refuse this abuse!,” “We don’t back off!,” “PSD [Social Democratic Party], the red plague,” “Repeal, then leave! Otherwise you take a risk!,” “Day by day, we’ll be here!.”

Significant Gendarmerie forces were in the protest area and installed protection fences in front of the Government building, ensuring a buffer area from the protesters.

After 22:00, from a small group, people started to throw at gendarmes crackers, smoke, bottles and rocks. Such incidents lasted more than an hour. The gendarmes used tear gas.

Meanwhile, the protesters dispersed.

The Capital Gendarmerie subsequently told AGERPRES that 20 persons were detained and taken to police stations for hearings. Law enforcement bodies confiscated from them bottle bombs, crackers and torches prepared to be used against gendarmes.

“Several bottle bombs, crackers, torches were found, some in the possession of some persons, others prepared in Victoria Square to be used against gendarmes. I cannot confirm the information that the violent persons would be part of a gallery or other environments. If this thing is revealed in the investigations, we shall see,” Capital Gendarmerie Spokesman Georgian Enache said.

Five persons injured in the incidents in Victoria Square were taken to hospital on Wednesday night, Interior Ministry (MAI) Secretary of State Raed Arafat said. According to him, these are two gendarmes and three civilians.


SRI: Information acquired on intentions of organizing and diverting public protest actions – operatively sent


The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) mentioned that the data and the pieces of information regarding the intentions of organizing or diverting the public protest actions in the center of Bucharest were operatively sent to “institutions which are legally authorized to intervene in order to maintain public order and security.”

“In respect to the statements launched in the public space regarding the SRI informing about the protest on 1 February 2017, we make the following mentions: the SRI acted accordingly to its legal competency, the data and information acquired in regards to the intentions of organizing and diverting the public protest actions in the center of Bucharest being operatively sent to institutions which are legally authorized to intervene in order to maintain public order and security,” the SRI release mentions.

According to the quoted source, there was “an operative exchange of information” with the Interior Ministry, as well as with the Romanian Gendarmerie and the Protection and Guard Service (SPP).

“In this situation there was an operative exchange of information, according to procedures established by each institution, with the Interior Ministry, namely with State Secretary Stefu Viorel and with Inspector General of the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (IGPR) Bogdan Despescu, as well as with the Gendarmerie and the SPP. According to the Law No.51/1991 regarding Romania’s national security, republished in 2014 and in accordance with the Law No.14/1992, the SRI is authorized to acquire necessary data for preventing and counteracting extremist activities. On this area the SRI didn’t have operational surprises. The SRI has no competency in regards to the ultras group demonstrations, but in case some data of interest, for the institutions with duties on public order are to be acquired, the SRI will provide them with celerity, as it did in the case of the protests on 1 February in Bucharest,” the SRI added.


PG Lazar: General Prosecutor’s Office received information from MAI on risk of illegal acts at protest


Romania’s Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar stated that the General Prosecuter’s Office was informed by the Ministry of Interior (MAI) regarding the risk of some illegal acts at the protest on Wednesday evening in front of the Government headquarters.

He was asked at the headquarters of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) about the incidents on Wednesday evening at the protest in the Capital.

“Yesterday (e.n. – Wednesday) information was held, namely we had been informed by the Ministry of Interior on risk of some problems, some illegal acts, on the occasion of this demonstration of the civil society, but, concretely, I understood that the Ministry of Interior, through its authorized special structures, attentively watched this movement to eliminate any risk. It seems that in the end they managed to keep things under control and things did not degenerate, as some would have wanted, however, they degenerated enough to compromise a demonstration of the civil society,” Augustin Lazar specified.

Furthermore, he confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation at the Prosecutor’s Office of the District 1 Court in what regards the incidents at the protest.

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