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December 9, 2022

Bucharest protest: Over 90,000 people in front of Government headquarters; protesters chant National Anthem-updated

Over 70,000 persons were protesting on Friday evening in Victoria Square in Romania’s Capital, in front of the Government headquarters, against the adoption of the Emergency Ordinance modifying the Criminal Codes.

Around 22:00, demonstrators have begun chanting the National Anthem. The text of the anthem was projected on a building near the Government.

Same as in the previous evenings, protesters have come with flags, placards, banners, vuvuzelas or drums.

Persons of all ages are at the demonstration, as well as parents with children, some of the little ones holding placards with messages such as “I resist for my future,” “Stop to corruption” or “We’ll take you down gracefully.”

If in the first days most protesters had handwritten messages on cardboard or pieces of paper, on Friday evening, many have come with printed messages, the most frequent one being “Withdraw the ordinance!.”

A few demonstrators have brought a projector, with images being projected on a building near the Government, as well as displaying anti-government messages, such as “Romania, wake up!” or “Another question: When do you repeal the ordinances?.”

This is the fourth day in a row of protests in Victoria Square in the Capital.

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