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February 9, 2023

Bucharest Protests: National Anthem chanted in Victoria Square, about 70,000 persons in front of Gov’t seat to challenge the criminal laws amendment

Most protesters who came to Bucharest’s Victoria Square on Thursday evening, in front of the Government seat, have started chanting the National Anthem after 22:00.

According to Gendarmerie representatives, approximately 70,000 protesters are in the square.

The demonstrators have been handed out flyers with the National Anthem text.

Moreover, some protesters have handed out leaflets with the Romanian Gendarmerie message, urging to a peaceful protest and including some pieces of advice for the participants in such events, such as that of not getting involved in conflicts.

“You cannot buy all generations,” “Repeal and then resign,” “Romania – rule of law,” “DNA [National Anticorruption Directorate] should come and take you,” “No violence, don’t hit the gendarmes” , “Do not legalise theft. Do not destroy Romania”, “Wake up, Romania!”, “Abrogation!”, “Limitless power in hands of limited people ends in despotism”, “DNA should come get you!” were a few of the messages displayed by the persons in Victoria Square.

Some protesters were waving flags, others anti-government placards, and some have come with vuvuzelas or drums.


Protesters begin to call the day countrywide


The people who have gathered on Thursday evening in front of the Government Palace in Victoriei Square began to call the day starting with 23:00 hrs.

Also, the protesters throughout the country have begun to scatter after 23:00 hrs. In Timisoara (over 20,000 persons), Cluj-Napoca (over 20,000), Sibiu (over 10,000), Constanta (over 8,000), Brasov (over 8,000), Craiova (rd 8,000 persons), Iasi (over 7,500), Bistrita (rd 5,000 people), Galati (over 3,000), Alba County (over 4,000), Hunedoara County (over 1,500) and so on in several other cities and towns, protesters were chanting slogans such as “Come out if you care!”, “Be afraid, the country is raising”, “Thieves! Thieves!”, “PSD – Red Plague”, “No pardon”, “We won’t give in”, “Dragnea – do not forget / Romania is not yours to get!”, “Government of thieves”, “Early elections!”, “Theft kills!”, “We want justice, not corruption!”, “I refuse, I refuse, I refuse this abuse!”, “Abrogate and leave!”

According to a release by the Bucharest Police, eight persons were charged of whom seven are detained after the violence events on Wednesday night, in Victoriei Square.

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