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May 16, 2021

INS: Overnight stays in accommodation structures in Romania increase 7.8pct in 2016, up to 25.275 million

Overnight stays registered in the accommodation structures in 2016 year summed 25.275 million, increasing 7.8pct compared with 2015, most of them (81pct) being Romanian tourists, according to the data published on Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Regarding the overnight stays of foreign tourists in the accommodation structures, the largest share is held by those from Europe (73.3pct of the total number of foreign tourists), and 83.8pct of them came from countries of the European Union.

The average period for their stay in 2016 was 2.4 days for the Romanian tourists and 1.9 for foreign tourists.

Net use index of accommodation places in 2016 was 30.8pct total of tourist accommodation structures, increasing 2pct compared to 2015. Higher indices of accommodation places in 2016 were registered at hotels (38.9pct), accommodation on ships (26.1pct), tourism villas (24.1pct) and bungalows (22.7pct).

Most arrivals of foreign tourists lodged in the accommodation structures came from Germany (281,700), Israel (251,900), Italy (233,800), France (145,600) and the UK (140,600).

The arrivals of foreign visitors in Romania, at the border points, registered 16.128 million in 2016, increasing 22.9pct compared to 2015. Road transport means were mostly used for the departures abroad, representing 85.8pct in the total number of departures.

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