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February 2, 2023

Iohannis: European leaders concerned about Romania situation

President Klaus Iohannis said that he discussed on the sidelines of the informal European Council meeting in Malta this Friday with almost all European leaders who were in unison to voice “concern” at the situation in Romania.

“In the breaks of the event I had multiple talks with almost all European leaders. People wanted to learn from me what happens in Romania, how the situation develops and I couldn’t go through it all over again because it would take too long, but it is important to know that they are all vividly interested, they all are concerned and hoping for Romania to do everything possible to firmly stay the course of rule of law,” the head of the state said after the first session of the European Council in Malta.

He emphasized that all the European leaders with whom he discussed appreciated the fact that the Romanians have a “powerful voice.”

“They were left positively impressed when I told them that hundreds of thousands of Romanians rallied in the streets to defend the rule of law in Romania. Everyone, I repeat this, everyone would deeply regret if Romania took steps back from the rule of law status,” the President said.

President Iohannis, attending on Friday the European summit in La Valletta, discussed on the sidelines of the event with several European leaders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel included.


“Strategic partnership with US vital”


President Klaus Iohannis declared, on Friday, after the informal reunion of the European Council in Malta, that the Strategic Partnership with the United States of America is “vital” to Romania, Bucharest’s position regarding the EU-US relationship being for a strong partnership.

“The EU-US relations. Everybody agrees that this is a traditional relationship and this is how we should keep it. To Romania, this relation is obviously very special. I have underscored countless times that to Romania, the Strategic Partnership with the United States is highly important, vital and in this context, of course Romania’s position was for a strong partnership and I am confident that we are heading that way,” stated Iohannis.

As regards the migration issue, he said that Romania is willing to help those involved in security measures by organising training sessions. “I highlighted that it is very important to look at the causes of migration and to help the countries where most migrants come from,” added the head of the state.

He specified that both the matter of migration and the one of the EU-US relations were discussed “on a very positive note.”

“Both issues gave away an extremely important aspect to us: we are united. The EU knows what it wants, leaders are convinced that only together we will be able to solve the problems we are confronting with, only together we can face the crises,” emphasized the President.

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