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March 22, 2023

Bucharest protest: Demonstrators circle Palace of Parliament; marching to Victoria Square

The people protesting in Bucharest against the emergency ordinance modifying the Criminal Codes circled on Saturday evening the Palace of Parliament and chanted anti-government slogans.

They failed making a human chain, as planned.

All access gates to the Palace of Parliament yard are closed and guarded by gendarmes.

According to the Road Police, traffic is closed on the following streets: 13 Septembrie, Libertatii, Izvor, Natiunile Unite and Victoria Road from Kogalniceanu.

The line of protesters is marching to Victoria Square, their departure point, on the route Natiunile Unite Boulevard – Victoria Road.

Taking into account the public demonstrations taking place in several areas in Bucharest, the Capital Police asks drivers to strictly observe the policemen signals.

“We are pointing out that these demonstrations are dynamic and policemen are acting to protect the moving lines, in order to avoid any incident. We are asking the traffic participants to prove calm and observe the policemen indications,” the Capital Police points out.


Parents and children take up plateau in front of Victoria Governmental Palace


The plateau in front of the Victoria Governmental Palace was almost full with parents and children coming to demonstrate on earlier on Saturday against the modifications of the Criminal Codes under an emergency ordinance.

Both parents and children are bearing placards reading messages such as “The soft toys stay home, but today even they give a damn. Withdraw the ordinance!,” “We want abrogation, not another question,” “We want a better future,” “I resist. Another question,” “We resist for our children,” “I’ll go to school, you’ll go to jail.”

At noon, other groups of parents with children are still going to Victoria Square.

Gendarmes are present in the demonstration to ensure the security in the area where there is a peaceful protest going on.

The law enforcement bodies have extended the space devoted to the demonstration by moving the protection fences.

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