IntMin Carmen Dan on Criminal Codes GEO withdrawal: Any solution easing tension is beneficial

Interior Minister Carmen Dan on Saturday, when asked whether she supports a withdrawal of the GEO on the modification of the Criminal Codes, said that “any solution leading to easing the tension of the situation is beneficial.”

“I appreciate that any solution that would lead to easing the tension of the situation is beneficial,” Romania’s Interior Minister said at Parliament.

She explained that she issued a positive opinion on this GEO, as there are provisions in the exclusive implementing duty of the Inspectorate General of the Romanian Police.

About a possible meeting organised by the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Carmen Dan voiced her conviction that the Social-Democrats will assemble in an analysis meeting and make the best decision.

“We are not talking about this kind of solutions. Form the Ministry viewpoint, our goal is to take all measures not to reach the situation of having violent acts in the street. We are trying to protect the citizens, and, to this end, we sent a set of recommendations on all communication channels of the Ministry, including through the Gendarmerie, Police and the other arms, and we are asking the citizens to appreciate and pay attention to these signals,” the Interior Minister said, when asked if she expected violent acts in the streets, in the context in which the PSD might organise a meeting.

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