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July 30, 2021

PM Sorin Grindeanu: GEO modifying Criminal Codes will be repealed in Gov’t meeting on Sunday. President Spokesperson: Decision announced by PM Grindeanu – important step to normalisation


The Government Emergency Ordinance (GEO) on the modification of the Criminal Codes will be repealed in a Government meeting on Sunday, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu announced on Saturday, at the Victoria Governmental Palace.

“We have made a few decisions after all these days. The first, tomorrow we’ll have a government meeting in an emergency regime for the abrogation of this ordinance. (…) I am using the term ‘abrogation’. (…) I have seen debates including from this point of view. It is the term used by the Presidential Administration, when we were asked to repeal this ordinance. We’ll find the legal way, the abrogation, the prorogation, for this ordinance not to come into force,” Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said on Saturday evening.

The PM pointed out he does not wish Romania to be divided.

“I don’t wish for us to divide Romania. Romania cannot be broken in half. Romania, I believe, at the moment, through everything that is happening, on the one hand, and on the other, the arguments of those who supported us and voted us, seems broken in half, if not in even more pieces. Reaching such a situation is the last thing I want,” the Prime Minister said.

According to him, the decisions the Constitutional Court made which have not been put into practice will be transposed in the legal framework “at the shortest.”

“An agreement (…) is needed between what the Constitutional Court decision means and the legal framework. I shall soon initiate a consultation with all the other parties, starting from the Constitutional Court decisions and from the form we have, excluding maybe that much discussed 200,000 lei threshold, so that, after a dialogue I hope I have – and I am taking this opportunity to launch this invitation to dialogue – , we send a draft law to Parliament at the shortest in order to put in agreement the Constitutional Court decisions with the legal framework,” Grindeanu said.

The chief of Government underscored that any Constitutional Court decision is mandatory.

“All these things are mandatory for all Romania’s citizens. (…) I have closely watched everything that has happened these days all over the country and I have seen people’s positions, very many argued, others, however, didn’t reflect reality. The idea is that a cleavage has been created in society. On the other hand, our members and supporters urge us to continue in what this demarche means,” Grindeanu also said.


Arguments supporting ordinance not well communicated; Justice Minister assumes consequences


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on Saturday said also that the arguments in favour of supporting the ordinance on the modification of the Criminal Codes were not communicated well, the Justice Minister being the one who “assumes the consequences.”

“All the arguments we had in supporting this ordinance were not very well communicated. For this reason, a lot of confusion was created, very many distortions that are not related to what was adopted in the end. For this reason, the Justice Ministry and the Justice Minister will assume and assume all consequences,” Grindeanu said at the Victoria Palace.

He pointed out that he still wants to put the governance programme into practice.

“We still have 12 points on the first semester that we must adopt in the future government meetings and through the measures we shall make so that what Romanians have voted, that governance programme, be found in their day to day life,” the Prime Minister added.


President Spokesperson: Decision announced by PM Grindeanu – important step to normalisation


The decision announced by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu is an important step to normalisation, President Spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolschi told AGERPRES on Saturday.

“The decision announced this evening by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu is an important step to normalisation. At the same time, an important step is made to correct the situation created. The Government made a flagrant mistake and the Government is responsible with solving the crisis it created. The people protesting have legitimate, democratic, correct requirements, and the Government must understand that the citizens don’t settle for anything less,” Madalina Dobrovolschi said.


Despite PM’s announcement that GEO modifying Criminal Codes will be repealed, over 90,000 continue protest in Victoria Square


Over 90,000 persons have gathered on Saturday evening in Victoria Square in the Capital, in front of the Government building, to protest against the adoption of the emergency ordinance aimed at modifying the Criminal Codes.

Although Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu announced that the emergency ordinance modifying the Criminal Codes will be repealed in the Government meeting on Sunday, protesters are chanting slogans against the Government and whistling.



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