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September 27, 2022

JusMin Iordache: Bill amending Criminal codes put up for public debate on Monday

Minister of Justice Florin Iordache announced that the bill amending the Criminal codes will be put up for debate on Monday for a 30-day period, and that it will also include the articles that have been declared unconstitutional.

“We will develop and post a regulatory act. Before we move further, all experts and whoever wants to, will have the opportunity to express a point of view. According to the law, the bill will stay up for public debate for 30 days,” Iordache said at the Ministry of Justice.

He mentioned that the piece of legislation will also include all the articles that have been declared unconstitutional.

“The bill will include all the rulings and all the decisions of the Constitutional Court regarding the articles that have been declared unconstitutional. As you know, all those articles were also included in the emergency ordinance, but they will be set forth in this bill too,” the Justice Minister said.

Asked if there is a risk that the OUG amending the Criminal codes remains in force if certain articles in the repeal ordinance are declared unconstitutional, Iordache said that things returned to the point before the heavily challenged OUG No. 13 was issued.

“The moment the OUG was repealed things were set back to the initial state. Many articles in the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code have been declared unconstitutional. All we did was to go back to the situation before the ordinance was issued,” said Florin Iordache.

In connection with the opinions that should have been sought before releasing OUG No. 13, Iordache replied: “The necessary approvals are those of the ministries, and those have been sought all right.”

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